WWE SmackDown Preview 19th July 2016

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WWE SmackDown Preview 19th July 2016

After nearly 17 years since it first aired as part of the WWE programming, this week marks a landmark week. SmackDown is moving to its new home of Tuesday night. And, it is going Live. And, this edition of SmackDown marks the beginning of the Brand Split. With Mick Foley and Daniel Bryan announced as the General Managers of RAW and SmackDown respectively. What will these former WWE Champions have up their sleeves to appease their bosses, Stephanie and Shane. And following the controversial ending to RAW, who is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Is it Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins. There is only one way to determine this, a rematch five days before they collide again at Battleground. This weeks history edition of SmackDown comes from the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts. Here is the inaugural SmackDown Preview 19th July 2016…

Who Will End Up Where?

The Brand Split is finally here, but what divide can we expect to see in the WWE Roster? What will General Managers Mick Foley and Daniel Bryan have up their sleeve? Who will end up on what show, and where will the champions end up?

Championship Rematch

The controversial finish to their WWE World Heavyweight Championship match had Stephanie and Shane up in arms. But who is actually the champion. Just before they clash with the returning Roman Reigns at Battleground, they must once again meet in a championship rematch.

Uneasy Alliance

John Cena thought he had found new allies in Enzo and Cass. But this past week on RAW saw that allegiance tested when Enzo accidentally nailed Cena with a clothesline. Can these two get back on the same level before they clash with AJ Styles and The Club?

Championship Sprint

Zack Ryder is certainly on a mission to recapture WWE gold since losing the Intercontinental Championship in the aftermath of WrestleMania. But in order to succeed, he must go through the colossal Bulgarian Brute Rusev. Can he gain the upper hand before their clash at Battleground?

Going Solo?

Sasha Bank thought she had found an ally in Becky Lynch. But thanks to the efforts of Natalya, this is no more. But who will Sasha Banks now have behind her as she continues her war with Charlotte and Dana?

Who will end up where in the Brand Split? We’d love to know what you think!

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