OSR: WWE Fully Loaded 1999 Review

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OSR: WWE Fully Loaded 1999 Review

The height of the Attitude Era was heightened by the incredible feud between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon. This event was to signify the end of their feud, through a match between Stone Cold and The Undertaker. This was the third match between the duo in two months over the championship, two of which had already witnessed championship changes. This was the final battle between the two for a long time. The event features all the known faces from the time, and shows in some respects the what the WWE were capable of at the time. This event has being seen before, but not since the days of VHS so this could be interesting to say the least. Here we go with a good old dose of the 90s in the OSR with the WWE Fully Loaded 1999 Review…

The opening promo looks at various moments throughout history which have defined an end of an era. This is done with throw in shots of Vince McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin. It is a really effective clip, but the lack of references to The Undertaker make him seem like collateral damage. We then go inside the Marine Midland Arena in Buffalo, New York for this evenings event. Our commentary team are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler, before we are shown a clip of Sunday Night Heat. It shows that Austin has already being busted open by The Undertaker, making him already vulnerable. It then shows Vince and Shane McMahon laughing about the situation Austin has being placed in before we head back inside the arena for the first match of the evening.

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Edge (c) vs. Jeff Jarrett (w/ Debra)

Edge makes his way to the ring first, as some still are shown from the previous nights House Show in Toronto’s SkyDome where Edge captured the championship from Jarrett. Jarrett then makes his way to the ring with Debra, in lime green, showing off her “assets”. The match gets underway, and whilst Edge has some initial dalliance in control, Jarrett ultimately assumes the position. Between the pair of them, they are able to have a cracking wrestling match which becomes very back and forth between the pair. Soon enough, the lights go out in the arena and The Broods music hits. The lights come back on and it reveals Edge has taken out Gangrel. A distraction from Debra ultimately allows Jeff to nail his finisher, and pick up the win. Cracking opening match, which could have being loads better if it had slightly longer.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett

Match Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0 Stars

After the match, Austin makes his way to the ring and takes out Jarrett with a stunner, before cutting a promo on The Undertaker. He says if he is going in bleeding, then so is Taker. He then proclaims to go hunting for Taker.

WWE Tag Team Championship: Acolytes Rules Handicap Match – The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff Hardy) (c) and Michael Hayes vs. The Acolytes (Bradshaw and Faarooq)

The Acolytes make their way to the ring first, before we go backstage with The Hardy Boyz and Michael Hayes. Hayes talks about the levels the Hardy’s have being taken to under his leadership. They then make their way to the ring, and it quickly commences as a brawl outside of the ring. The Acolytes have some initial dominance, but the handicap of Michael Hayes soon plays to their disadvantage. The trio of the Hardy’s and Hayes continually attempt to play their trump card, but ultimately they are unsuccessful. Bradshaw picks up the win to capture the titles following a powerbomb on Hayes. The crowd for this were silent, and not surprisingly…it was flipping dreadful.

Winners: The Acolytes, to capture the WWE Tag Team Championship

Match Rating: 0.5 out of 5.0 Stars


WWE European Championship: Mideon (c) vs. D’Lo Brown

D’Lo Brown cuts an interview with Kevin Kelly backstage about reclaiming the championship, before making his way to the ring. He is soon followed by Mideon and the match gets underway. D’Lo initially clearly out wrestles Mideon in the early moments, but Mideon is able to mount a brief comeback. Eventually, nonetheless D’Lo picks up the win following a Lo Down to become the new champion. Dreadful match, better than the last but still dreadful.

Winner: D’Lo Brown, to capture the WWE European Championship

Match Rating: 1.0 out of 5.0 Stars

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