OSR: WCW Bash at the Beach 2000 Review

That Moment…

Michael Buffer introduces the main event, before Jarrett’s music hits first. He doesn’t appear for ages, before Vince Russo storms to the ring soon enough followed by Jeff. Both men look exceptionally peeved off at this moment. Hogan then makes his way to the ring, before cutting a promo on Jeff. The bell then hits, and Jeff just lies down. Hogan then places a foot on him and pins him before cutting a scathing promo on Vince Russo about the state of WCW. By this point, not just Jarrett and Russo but also Hogan are exceptionally peeved off as Russo throws the WCW Championship down at him. Wow, nice way to treat your prestigious championship. This isn’t classifiable as a match, because it wasn’t one.

After this, Vampiro makes his way to the ring to officially win the graveyard match. A group of men with Sting masks make their way to the ring with a coffin, before Sting’s music then hits the building. “Sting” then seemingly attacks Vampiro and lays him out in the coffin before we venture backstage to Gene Okerlund cutting a promo on his upcoming match. He really does do a good heel, before we return to the arena with Vince Russo coming to the ring…

At this point, the lines between kayfabe and reality in wrestling become very blurred as Vince Russo cuts a scathing shoot promo on Hogan. The announce team cannot quite believe what is happening. He then goes onto talk about the backstage politics and how it is bull s***. He then talks about Hogan not caring about WCW, before proclaiming Hogan will never be seen on WCW TV again. He then renames the WCW Championship the Hulk Hogan Memorial Belt. He then declares Jeff Jarrett is still the champion, and how he will defend the title tonight. He then goes to make Jeff Jarrett versus Booker T for the championship.

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