Brock Lesnar SummerSlam Opponent Is?

Brock Lesnar WWE Champion

During Monday Night Raw, WWE revealed that on Thursday night Smackdown Brock Lesnar Summerslam opponent will be announced. During tapings on Tuesday night, no announcement was made. Instead during America’s broadcast of Smackdown WWE revealed that following months of rumours that Brock Lesnar Summerslam opponent will be a returning Randy Orton.

Randy Orton has been injured since November 2015, a return fight against Brock Lesnar will propel Orton back into the main event. What is best, is that neither men have faced off in nearly 14 years. During 2002, the two wrestled on five occasions with just one televised match on September 3rd’s taping of Smackdown.

The Beast is expected to appear on the brand split edition of WWE Smackdown come July 19th. There is no indication when Randy Orotn will reappear on TV. Summerslam will take place from the Barclays Arena in New Jersey on August 19th 2016.

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