Latest on Tyson Kidd WWE Status

Tyson Kidd Injury Update

Latest on Tyson Kidd WWE Status

Last June 2015, in a standard dark match which would usually go unnoticed by millions attracted the headlines. But for all the wrong reasons. The match was Samoa Joe versus Tyson Kidd. The move was a musclebuster. The outcome, Kidd suffered from devastating neck and spinal injuries. The damage, 16 staples, 4 screws and a rod inserted in his neck. The consequence, likely retirement. Fortunately for Kidd, he has being exceptionally lucky in his recovery. The prognosis from this injury generally isn’t good, usually paralysis or death. Superman actor Christopher Reeves suffered a similar injury, and spent the remainder of his life confined to a wheelchair. Kidd on the other hand, is able to walk, talk and move around. He is a very lucky man. But in a recent report by Inquisitr, it has being suggested that Tyson Kidd WWE Status is very much up in the air. 

Whilst he has made a miraculous recovery from injury, it has being suggested that WWE Doctors may not be willing to clear Tyson Kidd for an in-ring return. He is apparently in a very similar position to Daniel Bryan, who notably retired due to WWE Doctors not being prepared to clear him. But Bryan was in a position where external medical officials where prepared to clear him. This ultimately led to Bryan’s retirement angle on RAW earlier this year. Tyson Kidd is now reportedly in exactly the same position. He wants to return to the ring, he may be cleared by third party doctors. But WWE Doctors may not be willing to.

Tyson Kidd’s current WWE deal is about set to expire. Being under contract to the WWE, he has not spoken out on the injury. This being in line with company policy. But with his deal to expire, this could be set to change. There were recently reports that his wife, Natalya was considering retirement. Reportedly to spend more time with her husband, these reports have proven as of yet to be unfounded. But what next for Kidd if he is forced into retirement? And what will he have to say about his injury? This could definitely be an interesting time ahead as his future path becomes clearer.

Whatever the future, we here at WDD would like to commend Tyson for his recovery from his injury, it is truly inspirational. And whatever path he ends up following, we would like to wish him the absolute best and look forward to seeing where it goes. Whatever happens, Tyson Kidd WWE Status at this time remains precariously unclear.  

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