Ted DiBiase Sr. speaks on Roman Reigns Suspension


Ted DiBiase Sr. speaks on Roman Reigns Suspension

It came as a complete shock a couple of weeks ago in the aftermath of Money in the Bank. Just a mere 24 hours after making it into the main event of Battleground, Roman Reigns was shockingly suspended. The reason – for a violation of the WWE Wellness Policy. What has remained even more of a shock is that Reigns is still being kept part of the main event for Battleground. Given Reigns position in the company at the time of his suspension, this placed the company in a precarious position and in limbo on what to do next.

But in a recent interview with BBC Radio Norfolk, former WWE Superstar and Hall of Famer “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase has spoken out on the situation with Reigns. He believes Reigns deserves a second chance. In the interview, he outlined…

“Everybody knows there’s been some controversy recently with Roman Reigns getting a 30-day suspension. Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody deserves forgiveness and a second chance and certainly I think this young man does as well. From what I know of him, and I don’t know him well, but what I have seen of him and as I’ve been around him and what I’ve heard from other people, is that he’s a really great kid. He’s not a dope addict, he’s not addicted to anything. He’s just a kid who, you know, hey, we all have… I wrote a book about it! Everybody deserves a second chance and I hope that he gets his as well. I think he still has an extremely bright future in the WWE.”

Roman Reigns suspension is definitely a taboo subject in the WWE at the moment. But Inquisitr recently bought up a WWE logical way of looking at this. There is the hope that this will be used to help the WWE Universe accept Reigns. This will possibly allow them to portray him as human rather than superman who makes mistakes. Given Reigns rumored “teachers pet” status within the WWE, it will certainly be interesting to see how his return is played out on TV. Granted he may deserve a second chance, everyone makes mistakes. But to have Reigns crowned a four-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion in under a year, this could actually make the WWE Universe resent him even more. In situations like this, less is definitely more. Only time will tell.

What are your thoughts on the current situation between the WWE and Roman Reigns? Is Ted DiBiase right; does Roman Reigns deserve a second chance or has he blown it? We would love to know what you think!

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