Is Vickie Guerrero Returning on RAW?

Vickie Guerrero

Is Vickie Guerrero Returning on RAW?

She is arguably one of the most identifiable figures on WWE Television in the past 10 years. She rose to prominence following the tragic death of her real-life husband, the much missed Eddie Guerrero. But throughout her tenure in the WWE, she held various General Manager associated positions for RAW and SmackDown. Not to mention she also had a very brief dalliance as a wrestler. But it has being two years since she disappeared from WWE Television, after losing a “Pudding Match” to Stephanie McMahon (which according to Steph, gave her an eye infection). She then departed the stage to the sounds of Eddie’s theme music performing his signature pose.

But it has now being reported by SportsKeeda, that Vickie Guerrero returning on RAW is very much a possibility this week. We teased the return of a former General Manager in the recent RAW Preview. But what if it is actually Vickie? In recent weeks, we have seen appearances from Teddy Long, Corporate Kane and John Laurinaitis so may a gender transition is in the planning for this week on RAW? Will the infamous sounds of “Excuse Me” bellow across the WWE Universe once again or will someone else be stepping into the fold? Only time will tell…

Throughout her tenure in the WWE, she managed a multitude of wrestlers including Edge, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger. She also clashed throughout her time with The Undertaker, Vince and Stephanie McMahon. But a personal favourite is her in-ring segment with John Cena from WWE RAW in November 2012. The electricity inside the LG Arena in Birmingham, England was so brilliant, the expressions of Cena and Vickie made it even more brilliant. Maybe she will. Maybe she won’t. But one thing is for sure. She has certainly left her lasting impact.

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