Bret Hart talks Vince McMahon, Curtis Axel and More

Bret Hart

Bret Hart talks Vince McMahon, Curtis Axel and More

He is a multi-time former WWE and WCW Champion, WWE Intercontinental, WCW United States and WWE Tag Team Champion. More importantly a WWE Hall of Fame Superstar having entered in 2006. But his career hasn’t being without controversy. After overcoming some very public demons, Bret “The Hitman” Hart made his return to the WWE in January 2010. No longer an active wrestler, he continues to make sporadic appearances with the company to this day, the most recent being in the corner of his niece Natalya at Payback 2016. But, Bret can always be relied upon for an opinion or story. Recently, Bret has spoken out on the WWE’s usage of Curtis Axel…

Recently, when talking about Curtis on his Sharpshooter Podcast, Bret made the following statement…

“I wish they would do so much more with Axel. Curt’s kid. It’s just such a shame…I’ve never understood it from the beginning. Even the name McGillicutty or whatever that gimmick was. I just seems almost like impossible odds to turn that into any kind of successful storyline. What do you do with that? It never made a lot of sense to me. I think that he’s really a wasted talent. I think he’s a real talent. He’s every bit the athlete and the performer that his Dad was. I just always thought that he was a little bit like Cody Rhodes where it’s like they never quite gave him the right things to book him to be the star that he was.”

In all seriousness, Bret does have a very good point here. Given the right build and opportunity from the WWE Creative, Curtis has the potential to do very well in the WWE. He is a fantastic athlete with a great look which could easily go very far. It has being suggested that the WWE could bring back the Mr. Perfect gimmick for Axel. Whether this would be a good idea or not definitely remains to be seen. There is the risque factor that it could be seen as a nostalgia gimmick, and fans would be unwilling to accept it. But on the other hand, there is such a fondness for the Mr. Perfect character…it could work. Regardless of this, Bret certainly has a point…the WWE genuinely needs to do something with Curtis.

In the same podcast, Bret spoke out a trip to a “Gentlemen’s Establishment” with Vince McMahon and other WWE Superstars. In an amusing twist, Bret revealed how whilst there he legitimately did a clothesline on Vince…

“Vince ended up in a strip bar with all the wrestlers and he was totally s*** faced…we partied all night long in the bar. I remember it was Hogan who started a little rib…he got Hawk all stirred up…Hawk was talking about how they were going to do the Legion of Doom finish on Vince…I remember Vince’s ear perked up and everyone kind of had their ears come up because they wanted to see it because Hawk was crazy enough to do it…next thing you know I see Joe and Hawk and they go over to Vince and…Joe did and scooped him right up on his shoulders. Hawk was up on the pole where the strippers are. He jumped off and clotheslined Vince…Hawk was talking like he was going to take Vince’s head off. Just as he got ready to do his finish…he gave him this real powder puff little clothesline.”

“Everybody, Hulk and Beefcake and everybody caught Vince and they set him on the ground…Vince was laughing. I remember Neidhart got so mad…he looked at me and he goes, “Hart Foundation would’ve done it!” I think I said something like, “Yeah, we would’ve done it.” I remember I had two shots of Jack Daniels…and all of a sudden I realize what I said to Jim. All of a sudden I turn around and Jim had Vince in the bearhug for The Hart Foundation move…I just took his head off.”

“I can remember Vince looking at me while we were both on the ground. He turned his head to me and I was just lying flat right beside him…Vince looked at me and he said, “You owe me a drink!” I thought that’s the last thing Vince needs is another drink but I said, “What are you drinking?” He said, “Dewar’s on ice.” I never, ever forgot that.”

One very good point and one very amusing story. Bret Hart has certainly has a lasting and established legacy in the history of the wrestling industry. The Best There Is, The Best There Was, The Best There Ever Will Be…hell yeah. 

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