WWE Monday Night RAW Preview 4th July 2016

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WWE Monday Night RAW Preview 4th July 2016

With three weeks to go until Battleground and two weeks until the Brand Split takes place. Things have never being more uncertain within the WWE Universe. Last week on RAW, Seth Rollins was finally able to get some momentum against Dean Ambrose. But surely the lunatic fringe won’t take this lying down. Will this be the week a volatile situation explodes even more? Former friends, now bitter enemies Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are set for their Grudge match. But who will be the one to gain the upper hand? Will John Cena be able to get the upper hand on The Club and AJ Styles? The WWE is celebrating the Fourth of July in the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. Here is this weeks RAW Preview 4th July 2016…

Champion versus Champion

The WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dean Ambrose is all set to face the WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz this week on RAW. Will The Mix continue to prove his worth, and score a massive upset over The Lunatic Fringe?

Team U.S.A versus Team World

The WWE is going to celebrate the Fourth of July with a mammoth 16-Man Elimination Tag Team Match as Team U.S.A faces off against Team World. Which WWE Superstars will form Team U.S.A and who will form Team World in this blockbuster match?

C-Nation versus The Club

He continues to fall short in his quest to bring them down. The Club continually has gained the upper hand over John Cena. With the Power of Old Glory behind him, will Independence Day be the day for Cena?

Challenger versus Champion

Ever since their encounter at Money in the Bank, things have become even more personal. This week on RAW finally sees Titus O’Neil get his championship rematch. Will he be able to overcome The Bulgarian Brute, or will he once again come up short?

The Former SmackDown GM Is

In recent weeks, Teddy Long, Corporate Kane and John Laurinaitis have thrown their hat into the pitch. But as the WWE celebrates Independence Day, will another former SmackDown GM re-emerge in a bid to claim their former glory?

What else do you think will happen this week on RAW? Which of the former General Managers will make an appearance on Independence Day…we’d love to know what you think!

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