Major WWE 2016 PPV Calender Changes Revealed

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Unless you’ve hidden under a rock; WWE are bringing back the brand split in July. Plenty of questions have been left unanswered, including the state of the monthly PPV events. Jerry Lawler revealed two weeks ago, that WWE are considering introducing more Pay Per View events for the brand split. With rumours suggesting 20 events a year.

Jerry Lawler spoke at the 38th Superman Celebration and informed fans that WWE would like to reintroduce brand specific PPV events. Naturally keeping the big four events as joint events.

According to a user on Reddit, several PPV’s will return as brand exclusive PPV events. As a result, the full WWE 2016 PPV calender has been leaked. It is worth noting that none of this has been officially confirmed. The Reddit user has only posted 4 times on Reddit before and can not be relied on as an accurate source.

None the less, the information makes sense. WWE will want to separate the Raw and Smackdown brands as much as possible. Therefore exclusive PPV events is the way forward. Time will tell if they will be WWE Network exclusives or PPV events.

WWE 2016 PPV Calender

* WWE SummerSlam – August 21st in Brooklyn, 7pm EST start time, both brands

* WWE Backlash, September 11th in Richmond, 8pm EST start time, SmackDown event,WWE Network exclusive

* WWE Clash of the Champions, September 25th in Indianapolis, 8pm EST start time, RAW event

* WWE No Mercy, October 9th in Sacramento, 8pm EST start time, SmackDown event

* WWE Hell In a Cell, October 30th in Boston, 8pm EST start time, RAW event

* WWE Survivor Series, November 20th in Toronto, 7pm EST start time, both brands

* WWE TLC, December 4th in Dallas, 8pm EST start time, SmackDown event

* WWE Roadblock, December 18th in Pittsburgh, 8pm EST start time, RAW event

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