Roman Reigns Suspension Update

Roman Reigns Suspension Update

With the recent breaking news that Roman Reigns has being suspended for 30-days following a violation of the Wellness Program, this has left the WWE Universe in complete shock considering the main event for Battleground had only recently being announced. What are the plans going to be going forward, and how will the WWE explain “The Guy” absence after lynch-pinning their programming around him. But it has now emerged from Inquisitr that top WWE officials may have actually being aware of his suspension violation before the Money in the Bank event. 

It has being heavily speculated through various sources that the initial speculated reason for the title drop from Reigns was due to falling House Show attendance, but the theory that the violation has being known for some time has left some even more confused. Why was he able to appear on RAW this past week to setup the main event for Battleground? Whilst in theory Reigns could still compete at Battleground, he won’t be able to appear on any of the main shows before the event as this would contravene the boundaries of his suspension.

This makes it difficult for the WWE to establish the main event, not impossible but difficult. Had the WWE known about the violation before hand, they were possibly trying to protect themselves as much as possible. The reason…in order to save the headline attraction for Money in the Bank.  But including Reigns in the main event at Battleground could also be a final chance for a significant amount of time for an all-Shield triple threat match ahead of the Brand Split.

In all seriousness, there is something which doesn’t clearly add up here. There is definitely some of the finer details which are being omitted. Possibly to protect not only the WWE but Reigns also. Only time will tell how this delicate situation continues to play out…

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