Opinion: Who Will Walk Out As Mr Money In The Bank?

Sunday 19th, six WWE superstars will battle it out in a ladder match; the prize a Money In The Bank briefcase which contains an guaranteed WWE title match within the next year. Of course, the hot topic within WWE fans is who will walk out as Mr Money In The Bank? Today we analyse the six men and their realistic chances on whether they can walk out with the title opportunity.

Chris Jericho

The elder statement in the match, in fact Jericho has competed in four Money In The Bank matches, including the inaugural match at WrestleMania 21. Whilst Jericho has been portrayed as a realistic winner, this is definitely not  the case. Jericho’s 2016 role as heel has been fantastic, it is unlikely that Jericho will be around for much longer. Naturally the most suitable choice is to have a young upcoming as the winner.

Alberto Del Rio

The 2011 Money in the Bank winner has had a very mixed bag run since he shockingly returned at Hell In A Cell 2015. Since leaving the League of Nations, Del Rio has been strong. He convincingly defeated Sami Zayn this pack week on Raw, in a manner that Del Rio perfected in his initial WWE run. Last year, WWE opted to go for Sheamus; it is entirely possible for Del Rio to win yet compared to the four other men, I can’t see this happening.

Sami Zayn

Money In The Bank tradition dictates a newbie to the main roster competes; Sami Zayn is that guy in 2016. Sami proved himself in his four year stint in NXT and finally has been given a chance on the main roster. Sami is excellent, however to me is missing that something to connect with the fans. The way Del Rio effectively destroyed Zayn on Raw is very worrying. Is Sami always going to be that maybe man? Perhaps some wins behind Sami will give the guy some reason for the casual fans. If Sami had some genuine momentum he would be a good shot for the briefcase, I just can’t see 2016 being the time for Sami.


The King of Swing deserves that chance to grab the briefcase which is the proverbial Brass rings. No doubt, Cesaro is hugely popular within the WWE Universe. Prone to the WWE dropping the ball on several occasions has halted Cesaro’s charge to the top step; since his return from injury Cesaro has pulled off stellar matches. If you want to bet on an outsider, Cesaro is your guy.

Dean Ambrose

In 2014, Dean Ambrose tasted victory. His hands held the briefcase when Kane and The Authority literally handed the victory to Seth Rollins. Fast forward a year, Dean held onto the WWE Championship at the same time as Seth Rollins, only to let go. If there is anyone who has been closer to the WWE title Dean sadly is the man. If WWE opts to go for a good guy to hold the briefcase, Dean Ambrose is the man. He can easily slot himself into a return feud with Seth Rollins or kick start a rivalry with Roman Reigns as the briefcase holder. Dean has all the tools available to him, yet will the Money In The Bank be yet another heart beat away once again?

Kevin Owens

If you want a safe bet, Kevin Owens is that guy. WWE have been behind Owens solidly since his amazing victory over John Cena at last years Elimination Chamber event. His arrogance has gotten under the skin of Shane McMahon, as Mr Money In The Bank this can play beautifully into Kevin Owens hands. A power struggle between Shane and Kevin is fascinating television. Kevin in my eyes is the most logical choice for the winner of the event.

Who will win?

Out of the ssiz men, there are only two realistic choices; Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose. Dean Ambrose in my eyes doesn’t need the briefcase. He can easily slot into the main event, especially with the advent of the brand split. Kevin Owens is almost in the same boat, yet a victory will play to his arrogant character beautifully. He can use his size and power alongside a constant reminder he can cash in on the WWE champion at all times. Heels make better holders; surely 2016 is Kevin Owens year?

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