WWE List: Greatest Money In The Bank Winners

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WrestleMania 21, Chris Jericho introduces a concept that allows the oppurtunity to become number one contender for the World title. A unique ladder match with a contract held inside a briefcase. Since 2005, Money In The Bank is an annual event; first isolated to WrestleMania the its own PPV event in 2010. With a new holder set to be crowned we look back at the greatest Money In The Bank winners.

Six men battled in Hollywood in the first ever Money In The Bank ladder match back in 2005. The Rated R Superstar Edge secured the contract and made history in the process. New Years Revolution 2006, Edge cashed in on John Cena to win his first of many World titles. Over the years new stars have been established giving them a chance; elder ring veterans were given a chance; most importantly countless unforgettable moments. Today we look back the greatest Money In The Bank winners.

5. The Miz

Really? The Miz is one of the greatest MITB winners of all time; really? Hear me out on this. The Miz took an opportunity and ran with it. In 2009, just when John Morison appeared to be the breakout star from Miz and Morison it was The Miz who stepped up. He challenged John Cena in a very really? what is he doing storyline, yet it set the tone for the following 18 months. The Miz proved over and over again that he had the goods. Solid United State title runs and feuds with the likes of MVP, he really was an outsider coming into the first Money In The Bank PPV event. A match which The Miz stood tall, something shocking to say the least.

Following Survivor Series 2010, The Miz captured on a brutal attack by The Nexis on WWE Champion Randy Orton to become the champion. Whilst his run lacked major credibility and was effectively used a pawn in the Cena vs Rock storyline at WrestlineMania 27. The Miz worked hard and deserved the chance, for the best part of 2011 was involved in big matches against The Rock and John Cena. Whilst The Miz will unlikely never get back into the main event, he was given the chance as a result of his hard work.

4. Rob Van Dam

Can someone give this guy a world title? By 2006 RVD was one of those wrestlers who never held the title despite fully deserving it. All that changed at WrestleMania 22, Rob secured the briefcase. Unlike what we have come to expect from the winners, Van Dam gave WWE Champion John Cena notice for his cash in. At ECW One Night Stand, RVD challenged John Cena in one of the most hostile matches ever witnessed.

A true WWE guy walked into the Hammerstien Hall hated, head facing down John knew the passionate ECW fans would take to him lightly. “If Cena Wins We Riot” one of the ingenious fans proudly held from the rafters. In fact not one single fan wanted John’s tshirt!

Rest behold RVD pulled out a 5 star match against Cena and with help from Edge became the WWE Champion and first (WWE) ECW Champion. RVD played fair, only John Cena challenged the champion since.

3. CM Punk

It is only right that the straight edge superstar fits into the category of greatest Money in the Bank winners. CM Punk won the briefcase two years in a row. His second cash in secured the hottest heel turn and feud of 2009.

Following his debut on ECW in 2006, Punk rose in popularity. He competed in the 2008 Money In The Bank match at Wrestlemania and shockingly won. He cashed in on a vulnerable Edge capturing the World Championship during draft season. Sadly for Punk his reign was lukewarm and never recieved the attention he deserved. Punk was due to defend his title at Unforgiven 2008, however was taken out by Legacy before the match

The Second city Saint recieved a second chance by capturing the contract for a second time. This time cashing in on Jeff Hardy at Extreme Rules kick started the feud of the summer. Now in his natural heel form, Punk and Hardy went to war; culminating with a TLC main event at Summerslam 2009. Once again backstage politics played its part; unhappy with John Cena having preferable treatment not wearing suits. Punk lost the title in quick fashion inside Hell In A Cell.

The backstage politics don’t take away the fact that CM Punk won the contract twice in a row. He had a cracking second run as champion and well deserving of one of the greatest MITB winners of all time.

2. Seth Rollins

A near 77 thousand fans bared witness to the greatest Money In The Bank cash in of all time. Interrupting Roman Reigns title match with Brock Lesnar; for the first time changing the title match mid way through rather than after a match. Set Rollins shocked the world by becoming the first Shield member to become WWE Champion. Naturally this role of momentum took place following the breakup of the Shield. Seth Rollins sided with Triple H and the Authority, who practically gifted Rollins the Money In The Bank briefcase. None of this mattered, Seth proved throughout 2014 and 2015 he is in fact one of the greatest in ring competitors and securing his championship at the Grandest stage of the them, WrestleMania.

1. Edge

When there is a list of greatest Money In The Bank winners, Edge can not be omitted. The Rated R Superstar secured the first briefcase back at WrestleMania 21. Determined to hold on until WrestleMania to cash in, Edge shocked the world following John Cena’s triumph inside Elimination Chamber. Following a brutal beat down, John Cena managed to walk out the chamber retaining his title. Vince McMahon revealed that the night wasn’t over; Edge would be cashing in his Money In The Bank contract. With another championship match, two spears defeated Cena. Edge became WWE Champion. Whilst, Cena regained the title the following month at the Royal Rumble, it set the path for Edge’s Hall Of Fame career.

Yet, this wouldn’t be the only cash in for Edge. Mr Kennedy has the distinct honour of being the only man to lose the briefcase in a match. Edge would then cash in on Batista to become World Champion and moving to Smackdown as a result.

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