Taz Weighs In On WWE Brand Split, Where Does He Think Reigns Will Be?

Unless you have hidden under a rock, WWE have finally announced that a brand split will take place next month. Whilst there are various unanswered questions, WWE will surely look into the past to work out what is “best for business”. One man who was the voice of Smackdown during the high times of the original WWE Brand split, Taz recently spoke with Justin Barrasso for Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard’s Week In Wrestling.  Taz gives his views on the roster split and particularly where would he line up the champion Roman Reigns?

Taz comments on the WWE brand split announcement: 

“It’s a layup to me. They’re doing a brand split, which I humbly say that I predicted three or four months ago on my show. I know how they book and I know what works. They’re actually a little late on the brand split, frankly, but the brand split works.”

Taz comments on who will be running RAW and Smackdown, balancing each show’s running times: 

“Stephanie and Shane have a kind of sibling rivalry, so Stephanie will run Smackdown and Shane will run Raw. Stephanie will ask, ‘Why do you get three hours on your brand and I only get two on mine?’ Then Vince can come out and settle the argument between his kids by making it plain and simple–‘Raw and Smackdown will both be two hours.’ When someone asks what happens to that third hour, then boom–you play Triple H’s music and you give NXT to Triple H.”

Taz offers another prediction that Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins will be on separate shows: 

“Roman Reigns has the ability to work, he definitely has the awareness now and popularity,” explained Taz. “I don’t know if he has the promo skills yet, and he needs to keep working on that, but they’ve put a lot of money behind him–millions–and they can’t give up on him and they won’t. They’ll build around Roman Reigns on one show, and they’re going to build around Seth Rollins. I do not think Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns will be on Raw together or Smackdown together. I would change one of their looks a little bit and some branding around the guys, but those are the two guys they’re going to run with.”

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