OSR: WWE Elimination Chamber 2011 Review

Elimination Chamber

OSR: WWE Elimination Chamber 2011 Review

Here we go with the WWE Elimination Chamber 2011 Review, the final step before WrestleMania 27. 12 superstars put their body on the lines inside Elimination Chamber for the chance to headline WrestleMania. Oakland, California is the host for the 2011 Elimination Chamber. Booker T, Michael Cole and Josh Matthews are ringside.

Kofi Kingston vs Alberto Del Rio

We kick off with Ricardo Rodrequez, introducing the 2011 Royal Rumble winner Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio talks trash about his opponent Kofi Kingston. A nice high paced opening match, with plenty of high flying reversals. I loved Kofi’s flying cross body only to be reversed into a back stabber. It is amazing to think this was short after Kofi’s big push following his feud with Randy Orton. At the time, Del Rio had only been in the company for 7 months. Ricardo was the deciding factor, his distraction allowed Del Rio to take down Kingston. Del Rio picked up the win with the arm bar. Huge momentum for Del Rio heading into Wrestlemania.

Match rating 3.5 out of 5

Backstage Todd Grisham is speaking to the World Heavyweight Champion Edge, who talks about how he lost the title to Dolph Ziggler thanks to Vickie Guerrero banning the spear. Drew McIntyre interrupts the Rated R Superstar, who blames Edge for Kelly Kelly being fired.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Elimination Chamber Match
Edge vs Drew McIntyre vs Kane vs Wade Barrett vs Big Show vs Rey Mysterio

Kane, Drew McIntyre and Kane have all come to the ring. Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long comes out to reveal Dolph Zigglers replacement (who got fired on Thursday night). Only for it to be the Big Show… 5 years later and I am even disappointed. So we know that Edge and Rey Mysterio will start off the Elimination Chamber match. The chemistry is fantastic between these two with an enjoyable opening segment to the match. Rey was subject to his typical throwing around with ease as Edge sent Rey smashing into the “glass”.

Wade Barrett is the third man to enter the match, who dominates both Edge and Rey.  In a nice exchange, Wade was about to send Rey onto the steel with a Wasteland, only for Rey to clinch onto the steel, narrowly avoiding destruction. Rey reversed Wade back into the ring, however Edge pounced with a Spear.

The Demon Kane is the fourth man into the match. He causes all sort of destruction. An irate Drew McIntyre is the fifth man into the match, immediately throws Rey Mysterio into the open pod. Drew teams up with Wade Barrett, only to send him crashing through a pod. Don’t they have another match later? Drew is on fire and looking amazing. If I am honest, pretty much what he is doing in TNA right now…

The match really picks up steam now as we await the Big Show. Plenty of reversals and really enjoyable. Rey continues his head crashing into the worlds strongest glass. We now have 6 men in the Elimination Chamber match, Wade Barrett is running scared from The Big Show. However is victim to another pod smash, seriously, didn’t WWE think about securing the glass? The Big Show KO’s Wade Barrett  to eliminate him from the match. Rey decides to go to sleep ontop of the pod. Both Kane and McIntyre hit their finishers on the Big Show to no avail. Ahhh that’s why Rey is sleeping, he dives onto the Big Show from the pod. A chokeslam from Kane eliminates both The Big Show and Drew McIntyre.

Rey tries to hit the 619 on Kane, however reverses Rey only for Edge to hit a double spear to take out Kane from the match. Kane isn’t happy and takes out both Rey and Kane. Interestingly the two men who started the match are the final two. Once again the chemistry between these two is amazing even when they have been wrestling for 30 plus minutes!  Reversal, kick out, reversal, I couldn’t stop watching it! Edge managed to hit a spear onto Rey whilst Rey was mid air with the 619 – Beautiful! Edge retains his World Heavyweight title.

I really enjoyed this match, some great reversals and why the brand split worked effectively. Post match, Alberto Del Rio comes to the ring to attack Edge. Christian comes out for the save after having 6 months out of action thanks to Del Rio.

Match rating 4.0 out of 5

Backstage an emotional Jerry Lawler talks to Matt Striker about his upcoming match, however is thinking about his Mother who passed away earlier in the week. Booker T introduces Trish Stratus to talk about Tough Enough, I actually skipped this.

WWE Tag Team Championship – Santino Marella & Kozlov vs Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel 

Ahh Koslov and Santino were brilliant, I don’t actually remember them being tag champions though. Justin Gabriel hit a 450 Splash onto Koslov to win the Tag team titles for the Corre. This was definitely match filler in between the main events

Match rating 2.o out of 5

More filler as Vickie Guerrero comes to the ring, begging the fans to plead to Teddy Long to re-hire Dolph Ziggler back to Smackdown. Good old Teddy comes out and announces he is in a hiring mood to Vickies delight. It isn’t Dolph it is Kelly Kelly who Vickie fired two weeks ago. Kelly brings a catfight to Vickie. Lay-Cool come to the ring to stop Kelly Kelly and attack her. Trish comes to the ring to even the score.

WWE Championship Jerry Lawler vs The Miz (C)

Pre-match a cracking video profiling The Miz’s rise to WWE Champion and Jerry Lawler’s Hall Of Fame career. You get the feeling that Jerry could legitimately win this one. As The Miz comes to the ring, Michael Cole is absolutely singing his praises, so much so that Josh and Booker have the face of disgust. This is an element of WWE which is missing right now, commentators with a basis towards wrestlers.

A nice slow paced match to begin with. Lots of chain wrestling near falls and roll up reversals. Alex Riley gives his influence allowing The Miz to regain the advantage three times. However on the third occasion, following him tripping Lawler, the referee has enough and throws out Riley from the match. The panic in The Miz is beautifully played as the crowd are suckered into the possibility that Lawler can walk out champion. A nice spot was Jerry Lawler launching The Miz into Michael Cole, literally shutting him up. Josh Matthews jokes how he can actually call the action now. Following a brutal kick to the head, The Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale to retain the title. Michael Cole continues his verbal onslaught against The King setting up their Mania match.

Match Rating 3 out of 5

Elimination Chamber Match – CM Punk, Randy Orton, King Sheamus, John Morrison, R-Truth and John Cena

With The Miz retaining the WWE Championship, we are now ready for the main event. This Elimination Chamber will determine the number one contender and main event slot at WrestleMania 27. John Morrison and Sheamus kick off the match continuing their intense rivalry. Morrison shows off his Parkur style with a brilliant save jumping onto the cage, leap frogging onto Sheamus. Randy Orton is revealed as the number three entry into the match. Orton’s vicious side comes out attacking both Sheamus and Morrison.

CM Punk is fourth man into the match; however is trapped in his pod as the ref couldn’t unlock the padlock. Randy Orton took advantage savagely beating Punk down pinning him quickly with an RKO. As Punk walked out the anonymous Raw GM revealed that Punk wasn’t unfairly treated and placed back into the pod. So CM Punk is back in the match.

John Cena is now the fourth man into the match, who gets blindsided by Sheamus as he enters the match. R-Truth is now the fifth man in the match, Sheamus tries to take advantage once again however Truth is expecting it. Sheamus hits a devestating DDT on Truth on the steel outside. As a result, Truth doesn’t last long in the match. Orton throws Morrison into Truths now vacant pod via the glass. Five men are left in the match, as the pace slows down.

With his second lifeline CM Punk is now the final man in the match. Orton preys on Punk, only for Cena to attack Orton. Punk enters the match when the chaos has stopped, going after Randy Orton. Punk hits an GTS on Orton to eliminate Randy, as a result the crowd roar for CM Punk.

John Morrison tries to escape Sheamus by climbing the pod. Morrison pushes Sheamus off the turnbuckle, and then then climbs the inside of the Chamber. Morrison took a leaping dive onto Sheamus, eliminating him. John then turned to John Cena who was laying against the Pod. Morrison misses a running knee in a brutal collision with the pod. CM Punk hits the GTS to eliminate John Morrison from the match. John Cena hits the AA onto CM Punk to the outside of the ring. Pinning him quickly after Morrisons elimination. John Cena now advances to WrestleMania to face The Miz.

Lucas: A really enjoyable Elimination Chamber match, I liked how CM Punk got eliminated unfairly only to be reinstated, added perfectly for his characters. The spots were very good, not too over the top and often which allowed the match to flow nicely. I didn’t like how CM Punk got eliminated by Cena straight after Morrisons win. However Punk’s stance of not being pinned by Cena can still arguably stand.

Match Rating 4 out 5.

Overall show rating: 3.5 out of 5

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