UPDATE: WWE Brand Split Draft Date Confirmed


Despite it being initially speculated that the WWE Brand Split “lottery” would take place on the July 11th edition of Monday Night RAW, it has now being revealed by WWE.com that it will actually happen when SmackDown goes live on July 19th.

Obviously, the WWE wants to go into the New Era of SmackDown with a steam train to attract the masses and by ultimately having the brand split take place on the show, this will allow them to possibly garner the largest SmackDown audience in recent years. Who or what will take place on the show remains to be seen, but with it a mere four weeks away, the pieces to the puzzle are likely to start falling into place soon.


Ever since the return of Shane McMahon back in February 2016, fans had speculated the idea of WWE relaunching a brand split. Following a bizarre announcement that both Shane and Stephanie McMahon will both run Raw at Payback, many fans thought Payback would be the time to reveal the brand split. Very unexpectedly, WWE revealed via WWE.com earlier this week that the brand split will be returning. Coinciding with a move to live episodes of Smackdown on July 19th. WWE revealed recently the date for when the WWE Draft split will take place.

Vince McMahon’s initial idea involved Shane McMahon defeating the Undertaker leading to him running Raw. The Deadman did not agree with the plans thus these were changed, hence the confusing storyline that allowed Shane to run Raw despite losing. With Stephanie McMahon returning, a power struggle between the McMahon siblings. At WWE Payback, the fate of who will run Raw was left to Vince McMahon. He decided that both Shane and Stephanie would run Raw. Since then, nothing notable had happened in regards to friction on running the show.

Wednesday morning, WWE.com announced that the Raw & Smackdown brand split will be happening. The first split happpened in 2002 and ran until 2012. The final years were very blurred with stars competing on Raw & Smackdown. The opening years of the brand split saw many positives; storylines took longer to develop allowing better execution; new stars were established along many other benefits.

WWE revealed very little information about the split, other than it will be actioned on July 19th on a live episode of Smackdown; the final show before WWE Battleground. Even backstage reports indicate that the locker room have very little idea of WWE plans.

It has been revealed that the brand split, will now be taking place live on an episode of Monday Night Raw on July 11th. It is likely that a mixture of random lottery and picks by the McMahons will decide the superstars fate. What is interesting to note is that Brock Lesnar is due to appear on that episode of Raw as well.

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