Opinion: 5 Things Not To See in the WWE Brand Split

5 Things Not To See in the WWE Brand Split

5 Things Not To See in the WWE Brand Split, what do we think? The WWE Brand Split is now officially confirmed after months of speculation, with the date of the “Draft Lottery” now confirmed by various sources. But, believe it or not 14 years have surpassed since the original brand split in 2002 shortly after WrestleMania X8 and hopefully in that time the WWE will have learnt from the lessons of their mistakes and not let history repeat itself.

But the Brand Split does help create a lot of interest in the WWE product and will ultimately give the WWE Superstars who have not benefited from the mainstream exposure the chance. Nevertheless, there are some things which are really not needed in this version of the Brand Split and here are five things the WWE should not feature in the 2016 Brand Split;

#1: Return of the World Heavyweight Championship

Contrary to popular belief, the World Heavyweight Championship should not make a return this July. The reason is simple: when the lines between the brands inevitably become blurred once again, and believe me they will, the credibility of the championship will be diminished considerably once again. Having only one championship offers a multitude of possibilities for the championship feuds, but also offers cross-brand competition and possibilities whilst maintaining the credibility of the title.

The champion should not be over exposed on each show though, because over exposure will in turn reduce the impact of it and damage the title and champions credibility. Not to forget the fact the World Heavyweight Championship was only retired in December 2013, bringing it back after such a short time would make what has happened utterly pointless.

#2: Jerry Lawler Commentating Pay-Per-Views

Whilst I am all for the respective brands commentating their own matches at the big events, I have to admit that seeing Jerry Lawler once again commentating at pay per views is something I really do not want to see. Since Byron Saxton took his place at the Royal Rumble, this has made the commentary team at the events so much more refreshing rather than the bland, tired old jokes we have heard from Lawler time and time again.

I am not sure on the combination of announce teams which should be present, but the likely suggestion is to be a hybrid between the two teams which helps generate competition between the teams. But Lawler should remain on the pre-show panel, commentating other than SmackDown is seriously a big no-no.

#3: Brock Lesnar relegated to One Show

Brock Lesnar since his return in 2012 has had an endless impact on the WWE Universe engaging in a multitude of feuds whilst making endless memorable moments like Suplex City or Ending the Streak. But when the Brand Split returns, Brock Lesnar should not be confined to a single show, because this will ultimately reduce the impact he has on this show and limit the possibilities he has for his feuds.

In a similar style to how Stone Cold Steve Austin was originally put across in 2002, Brock Lesnar should be portrayed as the free agent which cannot be made exclusive to a solo show. To maintain his presence, Paul Heyman can continue to do the advocating to hype and build his presence ultimately leading to a greater payoff when he eventually appears.

#4: Split Brand Women’s Division

When the Brand Split originally happened back in 2002, after a short time the Women’s Division became exclusive to the RAW Brand which ultimately left the women competing on the SmackDown brand without a goal or objective. This was improved slightly with the creation of the Diva’s Championship but I am in no way suggesting the return of that championship.

Having two women’s championships ultimately diminishes the impact of the other, especially when the WWE are trying to restore some credibility to the division. Splitting the women’s roster across both would not help achieve this credibility and would ultimately limit the possibilities. Where it should be, I am not sure but the women’s division is desperately in need of some exposure to help elevate it to the next level.

#5: Split Brand PPV

Surprisingly, this is not something which should be seen, well at least not straight away. The brands ultimately need to be given time to re-establish themselves with their own individual identity and having solo PPV events from the outset would result in an over exposure of the brand which would reduce the impact of their re-establishment.

This is very much a situation where less is more, leave the audience wanting more but also creates further competition within the brand to excel themselves to achieve a PPV position. Further down the line, then the possibility of this should not be ruled out but the WWE needs to tread the waters to ensure that the fans become comfortable and accustomed to the split, before they start ramming things down our throats once again.

What do you think of our opinion of 5 Things Not To See in the WWE Brand Split…do you think there are some things which should be included or are there some other things you don’t want to see included; we’d love to know what you think!

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