Opinion: John Cena “The Time Is Now”

John Cena for well over a decade has poured emotion from the entire WWE Universe. Whether you chant “Lets Go Cena” or “Cena Sucks”, John has captured that magic professional wrestling is all about. On May 29th John Cena returns to WWE after a near 8 month hiatus from the company. If I am honest Cena has been well and truly missed.

So there was a time when John Cena was shoved down our throats (Roman Reigns sound similar?). In fact that happened during Cena’s first title reign. Fans began rejecting Cena during his 2005 feud with Kurt Angle. It empathized further with the build to WrestleMania 22. Triple H became a fan favourite all for the hope to end Cena’s title reign.

Several stars suffered Cena’s endless Never Give Up motion and rarely putting stars over. The most vocal between the locker room being Summerslam 2010. Both Edge and Jericho believed the Nexus should have won. Instead they looked weak as Cena made a mockery of the angle invoking Team WWE should stay on top.

All that changed during his feud with The Rock. Placed against the Great One, John stepped up to a new level. With his loss that helped shaped the Cena we have today. Not only did his character change to have small elements of weakness, his in ring performance stepped up massively.

CM Punk at Money In The Bank 2011 is one of those rare 5 star matches. Same with Daniel Bryan at Summerslam 2013 and Kevin Owens in 2015. It is easy to think his opponents pulled Cena but it takes two to tango and Cena show that he can tell the story and wrestle beautifully in the ring.

When John won the United States title at WrestleMania 31, he embarked on a journey which made for must see TV. The United States open challenge refreshed Cena as he took on WWE’s youngest stars, in matches that stole the show week in and out. Neville, Stardust, Wade Barrett and even Heath Slater took Cenas challenge.

Be honest, when Cena left after Hell In A Cell, it was a refreshing break. He came back too soon and injured his shoulder. Given the injury crisis Cena has been missed, his return come Monday can’t come soon enough. No doubt, it makes sense to place John Cena in the Money In The Bank match. Following that, hopefully Cena stays away from the WWE Championship. The most sensible role is for Cena to take the role of helping younger/newer talent out. Imagine AJ Styles, Finn Balor, Sami Zayn or The Club against the leader of the Ce-Nation?

With a near 8 month absence from WWE, John Cena is returning to Monday Night Raw. He will be a welcome return to the ring and provides another dimension to the very intriguing New Era within World Wrestling Entertainment. Are you ready for the return of John Cena? His Time Is Now.

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