Backstage News on The Undertaker

The Undertaker

Backstage News on The Undertaker

He hasn’t being seen on WWE Television since he defeated Shane McMahon in the Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania 32, and it has since been heavily speculated that The Undertaker has being as good as confirmed retired after he was pulled from the WWE European Tour in April. But the latest development as reported by The Inquisitr is that Taker is reportedly angry with Vince McMahon over the original plans for WrestleMania. Apparently, Vince originally asked Taker to lose the match to Shane at Mania but Taker reportedly refused to lose to Shane at Mania, resulting in the haphazard situation which developed with Shane getting control of RAW anyway.

This has led to Taker being angry with Vince over this situation, and is refusing Vince’s request to work this years SummerSlam in Brooklyn. Vince has reportedly reached out to Taker over the situation but he is not forthcoming in responding to Vince leading to a difficult situation developing between the pair. As a result of this, Taker is now telling people he is not willing to work another match for the company which sort of puts Vince’s long-standing hopes for a match with John Cena in jeopardy.

Taker has an exceptionally interesting contract according to sources, because to fulfill his contractual obligations, he is required to work only one match per year to receive the financial details of his contract. Therefore, this technically means for 2016 he has thus fulfilled his contractual obligations but given that Mark Calaway, the man behind The Undertaker is one of the most respected performers in history, this situation is a very difficult one to digest as plausible. It would certainly explain a few things that have happened creatively since WrestleMania, but not a lot else. The next few months shall definitely be an interesting time in the WWE as we continue in the buildup to SummerSlam and whether Taker re-emerges, or will he appear closer to WrestleMania 33, or is he truly done with the squared circle once and for all…only time will tell!

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