Backstage News on Ryback WWE Status

Backstage News on Ryback WWE Status

He hasn’t being seen on WWE Television since he lost to Kalisto in the pre-show for Payback for the WWE United States Championship, and despite being advertised for SmackDown a few days later he still hasn’t being seen and very little heard from. This is highly unusual given how critical Ryback has being over various aspects of WWE employment. He notably clashed with Vince McMahon over the issue of pay, where he believed both wrestlers in a match should be paid equally rather than more favorably for the winner. Vince McMahon, nonetheless ultimately disagrees. He asked for a change in his contract and he was ultimately turned down and sent home.

In the aftermath, it has being reported by SportsKeeda that the word is that Vince has no interest whatsoever in contacting Ryback to address the situation and doesn’t want him to be competing for the company again any time soon. Given the recent spate of releases within the WWE, it is ultimately expected that he is likely to released or his contract simply let to expire. To agree to his demands, it has being said that Vince McMahon would be out of his mind to agree to such a thing.

Ryan Reeves, the man behind Ryback, came into the WWE limelight in 2004 as part of the 2004 Tough Enough, before later joining the company under a developmental deal and being assigned to OVW. He first became accustomed to the main roster in 2010 as Skip Sheffield when he was a part of The Nexus but it was 2012 when he made his debut as Ryback. After going through a series of squash matches for a number of months, his first notable feud was with CM Punk over the WWE Championship. Throughout his time in the WWE, he has had various feuds with the likes of Kane, John Cena, Mark Henry and Bray Wyatt, but is notable for having a single reign as the WWE Intercontinental Champion. He may not be gone yet, but it is certainly looking more and more likely. As and when this situation continues to develop, we shall of course update in due course.

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