Jim Ross On Fans Being Harsh On Roman Reigns; Extreme Rules Thoughts

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This past Sunday saw Roman Reigns defend his WWE World Heavyweight championship against AJ Styles. The champion has been receiving a mixture of reactions in recent memory. As discussed in his latest blog at JRsBarBQ.com Jim Ross provides a very critical response of those attention craving fans who opted to be vocal rather than enjoy a very clever main event match.

“The live audience chanting “You Can’t Wrestle” at Roman Reigns was an embarrassment. Fans don’t have to like a talent if that’s their choice but to express such a snarky, “listen to me” chant just doesn’t seem like a good thing. At times, these chants feel that they are from self absorbed, attention starved fans who feel compelled to make sure that everyone within ear shot knows how they feel. I get the theory that if I pay my money I can say whatever it is that I want but is that actually necessary?”

Fan’s are far too vocal about Roman Reign’s, sure WWE made some intense booking decisions in favour of Roman Reigns.  The pushed way to quickly rather than allowing an organic reception from fans. The past two PPV’s Reigns has delivered brilliantly. In actual fact, when was the last PPV match which Reign’s didn’t deliver in? Jim Ross is spot on, fans are being too harsh for the sake of chanting.

Also within his blog, Jim Ross discussed other elements of Extreme Rules, including the Asylum match which left fans weak warm with the concept.

“Felt badly for Jericho and Ambrose who did all they could to make the Asylum Cage match better than it was. I’d assume that this concept looked better on paper than it was in actual execution and that’s not a new anomaly within the pro wrestling biz. It’s easy for anyone to diss the idea after the fact.”

One match that did steal the show at Extreme Rules was the Fatal Four Way match. All four men delivered brilliantly.

“The Fatal Four Way IC Title bout was spectacular. Loved the finish of Miz ‘stealing’ one and retaining his championship. WWE has done a nice job of creating interest in the IC Title again. ROH alums Owens, Zayn, and Cesaro had stellar outings as did Miz who held his own very well against his well traveled opponents.”

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