Cody Rhodes AND Goldust walk out of SmackDown Tapings

Cody Rhodes and Goldust

Cody Rhodes AND Goldust walk out of SmackDown Tapings

We recently brought to you the shocking news that current WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes, currently known to millions of fans as Stardust had recently asked for his release from the WWE. At the time, very little was known on this developing situation with WWE and Rhodes not commenting on the situation despite the recent spate of firings and releases.

But is has now emerged that last week on SmackDown, not only did Cody walk out of the taping before the show began but it is heavily speculated that his older brother Dustin also made the walk as well. This certainly begins to fuel the rumours that the issue isn’t just pin-pointed down to Cody, but can actually be seen as a Rhodes family issue which certainly fuels speculation. The WWE have made no discrete attempts to have a dig at the Rhodes family over the years, even though it has eased off since the death of Dusty but the way in which Cody has being horrifically booked throughout his tenure with the company could only attribute towards his desire to leave. He recently took to his Twitter account outlining.



There is definitely something going on here, because for Goldust to have apparently walked alongside his brother only adds to the speculation that a nuclear bomb of some description has rattled the cat amongst the pigeons. No one is speaking on this situation at the moment, not even Cody’s wife Eden despite a very subtle but cryptic tweet sent out;


This is certainly a developing situation, and hopefully following on from Extreme Rules there will be an update to this situation to allow us to understand what is actually going on. They do say anything can happen in the WWE supposedly…

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