Extreme Rules Preview: Fatal 4 Way Intercontinental Championship Match

At WWE Extreme Rules the Intercontinental Champion The Miz will place his championship on the line against three other men. Can The Miz escape with the championship or can Kevin Owens, Cesaro or Sami Zayn wall out on top?

Cesaro, who forced The Miz to tap out at Payback will receive another opportunity to claim the Intercontinental championship. In a brilliant match at the last PPV event, the Swiss Hitman took Miz to the limit. However, a distracted referee failed to recognise Cesaro make The Miz tap.

Cesaro can only blame Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, who continued brawling following their singles match prior to the championship match. The fight continued ringside during the match between Cesaro and Miz. With the referee distracted, Cesaro made Miz tap however Miz capitalised with a victory.

Credit where it is due, WWE has played a multi feud off brilliantly as the fatal four way match was added to Extreme Rules the following night on Raw. Something which is very refreshing to see in WWE. The mid match interference made perfect sense, Kevin Owens has yet to receive his rematch for the Intercontinental title, having Sami Zayn wanting to get revenge against Owens and mixing this within The Miz and Cesaro’s feud is very clever.

Thankfully for The Miz, Kevin Owens managed to keep it a Fatal Four Way by beating Zack Ryder, when Shane gave Ryder a chance. Whilst the Fatal Four Way is a good move, adding Ryder would have given the match another dimension. With five people competing, WWE could have booked a scramble match for the title.

Prediction for the match is that The Miz will walk out Extreme Rules as champion, he will sneak in a win over Sami Zayn.

What are your thoughts, do you think Miz will retain? Let us know below.

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