TNA Impact Wrestling Results 10th May 2016


Impact Wrestling Results 10th May

Kicking off Impact is a video package of how Lashley became number one contender for Drew Galloway’s TNA Championship.

Jeff Hardy comes to the ring, asking why Abyss and Crazzy Steve attacked him last week. Abyss claims, he doesn’t like how the fans love Jeff, suggesting that it makes Jeff weak. Rosemary reveals they were paid by someone to attack him, Jeff demands to know who did this.Decay then attack Jeff, with James Storm coming down to save Jeff.

Jeff Hardy & James Storm vs Crazzy Steve & Abyss – TNA Tag Titles

Winners: Crazzy Steve & Abyss via the Green Mist

Drew Galloway calls out the number one contender Lashley to the ring. Lashley asks whether he respects him or fears him. Drew offers to face him tonight, instead Lashley accepts for a match next week. Eli Drake interupts wanting a title match too. A brawl breaks out leading to a match.

Drew Galloway vs Eli Drake

Winner: Drew Galloway

EC3 comes down. He says he wants a re-match against Bennett and will not leave the ring until he gets it.

We see Maria in the locker room. She makes Gail Kim vs. Jade, with Sienna as the special referee. Back in the ring the fans are still chanting for EC3. He calls out Bennett and Maria. Bennett says he’s done with Carter and plans to move on with his career. Maria announces that EC3 must face his demons before facing Bennett, a mystery opponent in Six Sides of Steel.

Jade vs Gail Kim

Winner: DQ

Al Snow vs Shera

Winner Shera

Jeff tracks down fake Willow backstage and beats him up. Then, out of nowhere another Willow appears and attacks Jeff. Then another. Odd.

Bennett comes down and announces Carter will face Rockstar Spud.

Ethan Carter vs. Rockstar Spud

EC3 won with the One Percenter. This was a decent main event, with the highlight being Carter press-slamming Spud from near the top of the cage. Bennett seemed impressed after it was over, but it’s clear Carter’s got a bit of a way to go until he gets his rematch.

Winner: Ethan Carter III


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