Breaking News: The Brooklyn Brawler Released!

The Brooklyn Brawler

The Brooklyn Brawler Released!

Following the recent spate of releases we have seen in the WWE with the shocking release of Damien Sandow and Wade Barrett (to a certain extent), you would have thought the shocks were over and things would begin to settle down once again. Sadly not, because in the words of Stephanie McMahon, “anything can happen in the WWE”. It has now emerged that one the companies longest standing employees, Steve Lombardi aka The Brooklyn Brawler has being released from his contract, as reported by FOX Sports.

Lombardi, has being employed by the WWE for well over 30 years and primarily worked as an agent and producer, being regarded highly amongst WWE employees. But throughout this time, it was his role as The Brooklyn Brawler which gained him the most notoriety. In this role, he became one of the most frequently used and long-standing enhancement talents in the companies history but whilst he was fundamentally an enhancement talent, he was able to score a pinfall victory over Triple H in 2000.

But it was not just his role as The Brooklyn Brawler which brought him that fame. Throughout his tenure with the WWE, he held various other gimmick roles including Kim Chee (the handler of Kamala), Doink the Clown and Abe “Knuckleball” Schwartz. But it will always be his role as The Brooklyn Brawler that he will be remembered for throughout his time with the company. Aside from his victory over Triple H, another shining moment from his career could arguably be his appearance at TLC 2013 alongside Alberto Del Rio and The Miz to successfully defeat 3MB in front of a “hometown” crowd in Brooklyn, New York.

From everyone here at WDD, we would like to thank Steve Lombardi for his endless contributions to the WWE and wrestling world over the last 30+ years and wish him every success on whatever path his life follows from this point forward.

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