WWE News: Adam Rose Arrested This Morning

“The party never stops” for Adam Rose, however in real life Raymon Leppan was arrested this morning at 01:30am by Hillsborough County Sheffiefs in Florida. This continues a very complicated couple of month’s for Rose, who was suspended by WWE for failing the Wellness Policy. Impeding a 60 day suspension, something he has taken to social media to proclaim he innocence.

Leppan was arrested by police in the early hours on May 11th. Leppan is being charged with tampering with a witness and battery domestic violence. According to police reports, Leppan and his wife were arguing about their marriage. Rose allegedly grabbed her by the face and pulled her closer to his face whilst he screamed at her. His wife then called 911, however Rose took the phone to prevent her from filing a report. Rose later admitted to police that he took the phone; as a result he has been charged with tampering with a witness.

Based on the Hillsborough County website, Adam Rose is still in jail with no bond.

WWE have responded to the sotuation by suspending Rose indefinitely

WWE has zero tolerance for matters involving domestic violence, and per our policy, Raymond Leppan has been suspended indefinitely following his arrest.

The last time a full time WWE superstar was arrested is Emma. She was caught shoplifting an iPhone case from a K-Mart self checkout till. WWE fired her immediately. Due to pressures on social media by fans, she was reinstated by WWE a short while later.

Given Adam Rose is currently under a 60 day suspension by WWE, this will not have done his WWE career any favours. Rose took to Instagram to post the doctors note which he claims clears his name with the failed wellness test, due to him having ADHD. It wouldn’t shock the WWE universe, if Rose is released shortly.

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