WWE News: Several WWE Superstars Have Been Released By WWE


Several WWE Superstars Released

It’s the day that every WWE Superstar fears and dreads, the post WrestleMania roster shake up. Today, five WWE superstars have been officially released from their contract including a multi time Intercontinental Champion. The names aren’t too surprising at all, considering most have not been used or seen on WWE TV in a while

  • Wade Barrett – full details
  • Damien Sandow – full details
  • Hornswoggle
  • Alex Riley
  • Zeb Colter
  • El Torito
  • Cameron
  • Santino Marella

Hornswoggle signed with the company, aged just 18, amazingly he has been in WWE for nearly 10 years. During his time, he was announced as Vince McMahons illegitimate son; the final Cruiserweight Champion and rocked out with 3MB. Since 3MB became one in last years releases, Hornswoggle has not appeared on TV. His release comes to little surprise.

One involved in the main event of WrestleMania, Alex Riley’s near 6 year run in WWE is over. Something which is a shame. Barely seen on the main roster since his split with The Miz back in 2011, Riley learnt his craft in NXT. He took the role of analyst in the early Pre-show days of the WWE Network.

Zeb Colter returned to WWE back in 2013, paired alongside Zack Swagger. He added a very needed element to wrestling in his role as manager, helping Zack Swagger reach a period of relevancy once again. Injuries involving Swagger has resulted in Zeb seeing the sidelines once again, thus hasn’t got much of a role in WWE anymore.

When Epico and Primo transformed into the Los Matadors, no one expecting a bull to come along with them. El Torito was their mascot, regularlly getting involved in matches. His main peak in WWE was a Preshow feud with Hornswoggle; which resulted in a very entertaining Wee-L-C match at Extreme Rules. Given Los Matadors conversion from Spanish to Puerto Rican El Torio has no further role within WWE.

Cameron shocked wrestling fans during a grilling by Stone Cold Steve Austin on season 5 of Tough Enough. When asked about her favourite match, Cameron replied with Alica Fox vs Melina. Austin grilled her like no tomorrow with her lack of Wrestling knowledge and passion for the business. Regardless, Cameron was signed to a developmental contract. With very little experience, she debuted alongside Naomi and the Funkarus Brodus Clay. That experience was exposed during matches. She was part of the original Total Diva’s crew, bringing a very entertaining element to the show with her boyfriend. However, with Ryback’s recent comments, Cameron responded with “Amen brother”, something no doubt would have annoyed the office.

Finally the Milan Miracle, one of a few men to win a championship on his WWE debut. Santino shocked the world by appearing as a fan to win the Intercontinental Championship from Bobby Lashley in Milan. However, the fan soon could wrestle. Over the years and in particular his romance with Maria, Beth Phoenix and various other women, Santino provided a great deal of entertaining moments. Last year, Santino announced his retirement at a house show. Despite appearing a couple times on WWE TV Santino has barely been seen.


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