WWE News: Ryback Reveals Why He Walked Out

Earlier today, Dirty Deeds revealed that The Big Guy Ryback, mutually agreed with Vince McMahon that it is time to go home. Ryback and WWE have been going back and forth over renewing his contract, something that is up in the next couple of months. Well Ryback has revealed his side of the story, and it all makes sense.

Reports earlier suggested that during a meeting with Vince McMahon, money was one of the key factors in the disagreement between Mr McMahon and the former Intercontinental Championship. Well that is true, but other factors including commitment but needless to say Ryback will be almost certainly released from his WWE contract following this public statement.


Firstly, Ryback confirmed the rumours that he has been sent home by Mr McMahon, he also confirmed that money wasn’t an issue with the latest deal. He wants commitment, and sadly Ryback is 100% correct with his jobber statement. Despite working hard and vastly improving in the ring, Ryback’s time has gone. He would just fizzle out and get lost within the next shuffle of NXT superstars appearing on the roster.

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