WWE News: Ryback Asks To Be Written Off TV Due To Contract Dispute

Ryback leaves WWE?

WWE superstar Ryback was sent home from last night’s WWE Raw taping in St Louis. The Big Guy has been reported by several sources that he is having contract disputes with WWE; even asking WWE to write off his character from TV indefinitely. According to F4WOnline, Ryan Reeves is in the middle of a contract dispute with the company; with sources suggesting that this is fuelled from comments Ryback made in Dubai last month as seen in the video below.


During the interview, Myles asks Ryback about his WrestleMania experience; which saw him challenge for the United States Championship unsuccessfully on the WrestleMania Preshow.

Being absolutely honest not, the last three WrestleManias have not been great… it would have nice to have been on the show.

The Big Guy continued saying that he find it a bitter pill to sallow when he can’t be in the main event; even suggesting that he might have to look elsewhere to reach the top. His frustrations continued, during his Preshow match with Kalisto at Sunday night’s Payback event, Ryback wore a belt saying “Pre show stopper”, something that did not go unnoticed.

Reports also suggest that Ryback met with Vince McMahon yesterday to discuss his contract which is due to expire in the next couple of months. Apparently the Big Guy was not happy with the offer on the table. Dave Meltzer reported that money was the driving factor as well as position. Mr McMahon suggested that Ryback went home; something that Ryback accepted with no challenge or fight.

Ryan Reeves first rose onto the WWE scene back in 2004 during season 4 of Tough Enough. He was signed to WWE developmental contract shortly after. Ryan was suspended on two occasions due to the Wellness policy in 2006. Later released from his contract in 2008, he returned a year later to OVW.

Known as Skip Sheffield, Ryan made his main roster debut in the new NXT TV show in 2010 being third man eliminated from the competition. Skip took part in the Nexus invasion angle over the Summer of 2010, however got caught with an injury.

Ryback was born in 2012 and rose to huge heights following a stand off with then WWE Championship CM Punk. Due to John Cena’s injury, Ryback faced the champion in a Hell In A Cell match in October 2012. Following the championship program, Ryback slowly drifted down the roster ever since.

Ryback had great potential to fight within the main event, however given the change in direction with main event level talent, has got lost within the shuffle. You can understand his frustration being slotted to just the pre show. No doubt, Rybacks best plan is to jump ship to TNA Wrestling.

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