WWE News: Ric Flair creates Controversy!

Ric Flair

Ric Flair creates Controversy!

He is arguably one of the most decorated wrestlers in the history of the business, having achieved “Space Mountain” an incredible 16-times with a career covering nearly every single wrestling promotion in North America. But since his retirement from the ring full-time in 2008, he has taken a more backseat managerial role to various competitors. He is currently seen as the manager of his daughter, WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte. Throughout his career, he has never being far from controversy and it seems that even in 2016 things are no different with “Nature Boy” Ric Flair creating controversy 3 times in the past week. Here is a summary of whats happened;

  • Whilst travelling through Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts earlier this week there were a number of reports that he was “acting like a drunk man” whilst being loud and obnoxious and later receiving medical attention after being refused entry onto a flight. However, it has since emerged that Flair actually tripped over his luggage and cut his hand. Whilst he was attended to by medics, he was still able to board his flight. This has led WWE stating that they will be conducting an investigation as to what actually happened. Notably, when appearing on RAW this week Flair did in actual fact have cuts on his face.
  • During an appearance on the “Ambrose Asylum” this past week on SmackDown, in a show which is renowned for it tolerance of being PG, Flair seemingly got carried away by telling Natalya, the opponent of his daughter at Payback to “kill yourself”. This, whilst can be seen as building heat ahead of Payback, is obviously not a comment which would be deemed necessary on a kids friendly program.

  • One of many former wrestlers to host their own podcast, Flair has recently bought an end his WOOO! Nation Podcast. Whilst it was initially speculated to be on hiatus, it was later confirmed by his co-host Conrad Thompson that the show was bought to an end due to financial issues. It is hoped that the show will be back at some point in the future. Conrad took to his Twitter account outlining;


WDD would like to Ric all the best at this present moment, and pray that he is living a happy lifestyle. We look forward to seeing him at Payback tonight where he will hopefully get locked in the sharpshooter by longtime rival Bret Hart!

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