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Bret Hart

Latest on Bret Hart

Ever since he was sadly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, things have ultimately being a little bit quite for Bret Hart and rightfully so. But last week on RAW, his niece Natalya confirmed that he will indeed be in her corner this forthcoming Sunday at Payback in her match with WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte who will be represented by her father, Bret long-time nemesis Ric Flair.But in a recent couple of interviews with various outlets, Bret has being quite open and honest about a few things with the highlights shown below;

  • When talking about the current Roman Reigns situation, he revealed that he could draw similarities to the situation with Lex Luger in the WWE in the early 1990s following the departure of Hulk Hogan. He went onto reveal to Notts TV News;

There is a parallel. They tried…to keep CM Punk down and they tried to make him seem like he wasn’t big enough or wasn’t what they wanted to be the star of the …the company and gave all the main event spots to…musclebound guys…Luckily…they had Daniel Bryan come right up to fill that void…I tip my hat to both those guys for being phenomenal wrestlers. And Daniel Bryan got hurt and they’ve tried to kind of prop up Roman Reigns.

  • Bret also revealed when talking to Notts TV News that whilst he thinks Roman Reigns is an incredible talent with a great future, the way he has being booked since the demise of The Shield has not worked greatly for him;

I think Roman Reigns…has got potential. Whether he has got the potential to carry the company, I don’t know. It doesn’t seem like the fans are into that too much, but I think a lot of it is bad booking…when I look at WrestleMania and…the Royal Rumble, they booed him all the way in it for the short time he was in there. And then they had him get hurt by The Authority where 10 guys beat him on the floor, which was so contrived…then he went back to the dressing room and then he came out at the very end. He still didn’t win…they kind of left it back up and it kind of ruined the making of him again as it led into WrestleMania….what they should have done was have him out there early…and have him earn it all the way through…if the Royal Rumble was legitimate, the last two guys in it would be The Big Show and Mark Henry, but they dumped them out like they were 100-pounders…

  • In another interview, when Bret was asked about his forthcoming appearance at Payback in the corner of Natalya he went onto make the following statement in an interview with TotalWrestling.com;

I do it to honor Nattie, I [have] no desire to be there no desire to be on TV, I’m happy to be there for Nattie but I’ve just had wrist surgery so it’s not a great time. It’ll be great to put Flair in the sharpshooter though.

Certainly some interesting comments have being made about Roman Reigns from the WWE Hall of Fame Superstar Bret Hart. Is the Hitman right in what he says, has he being booked badly or are WWE doing something right…we’d love to know what you think!

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