OSR: WWE IYH 28 – Backlash 1999 Review

WWE Backlash 1999 Review

The opening segment for Backlash talked about how alike the two superstars in the main event are as Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock face off in a rematch from WrestleMania XV. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler kick off the show in the commentary booth as the Backlash 1999 review kicks off.

The Brood (Gangrel, Edge & Christian) vs The Ministry Of Darkness (Mideon, Bradshaw and Faarooq)

If I am honest, The Brood has one of the best entrances from the Attitude Era, the grungey music and flashing red blood is a brilliant visualisation. The Brood recently left the Ministry, following Christian revealing Stephanie McMahon’s whereabouts. Disturbingly we see Christian being gang whipped and about to be sacrificed. The Ministry angle went too far in my opinion!

Standard six man tag action, the numbers being a factor throughout the match. Nothing massively exciting really happens, a bit of a let down for an opener. The match ends up with all six men interfering, with various near falls. Edge and Christian take control, with Christian launching himself over the top rope. Big Viscera attacks Christian at ring side, who throws him into a huge Clothesline From Hell by Bradshaw giving the Ministry the victory.

Winners: Bradshaw, Mideon and Faarooq.

Match rating: 1 out of 5

Hardcore Title Match – Al Snow vs Hardcore Holly (c)

The last time these two former friends faced off, they ended up in the Mississippi River!!! The first weapon of the evening… place your bets is a jug of water!!! As expected, the fight quickly goes out into the crowd. Somehow Al got busted wide open, can’t work out how that even happened. Back in the ring, Al used a hockey stick to beat down Holly. The infamous table is placed in the ring, much to the crowds delight. King brilliantly questions why tables, baking trays and all those objects are below the ring. The fight eventually breaks out to the back, Hardcore looks like he is about to use a china (porcelain) kitchen sink, luckily for Snow a fire extinguisher saves him. The two brawl into the parking lot. Just a thought why would a lorry be open for them to grab items from? Snow is shoved into a dumpster where Holly follows for a two count. Both men move onto the sound truck, where Al Snow beautiful delivers an arm drag off the side of the truck onto the top of a car below. Finally the hardcore title match returns to the arena, Al uses a frying pan to knock Hardcore cold. Instead of finishing Holly he looks at the table, placing Holly into position. Bob suplexes Al into the table, the referee decides to count each men out, which is strange where there is no countout or knock out. Head is used to knock out Holly for the three count.

I just feel that they were trying so hard to replicate whilst be different from the St Valentines Day fight, once they went outside nothing much really happened and didn’t make too much sense.

Winner and new Hardcore champion: Al Snow

Match Rating: 2 out of 5

Intercontinental championship – Godfather (c) vs Goldust

Two week prior, Godfather won the Intercontinental Championship from Goldust on Raw, tonight’s match will see a rematch. Blue Meanie accompanies Goldie to the ring and imitates Sable to the fans dislike. The Godfather plays off not being any “ho’s” to the ring, only to introduce five lovely ladies to the ring. A fairly slow match, the only notable moment is when Goldust tries to use powder to blind the Godfather only to be blinded himself. As the Blue Meanie comes to save Goldust, he is hilariously attacked by Goldust. Amid the confusion, the Godfather is able to take advantage hitting the death valley driver for the win.

Winner: Godfather

Match rating 1.5 out 5

Number one contenders for WWE Tag Team Championship
New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg & Billy Gunn) vs Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart

How little can Debra get away with wearing? Oh my!!! Hello Attitude Era, Road Dogg welcomes Debra to the ring and asks her to reveal her Puppies. Jeff protects Debra to brilliant heel antics. Strange to think this is also Owen Harts last PPV appearance. A nice paced tag team match with Hart and Jarrett doing most of the offence. The New Age Outlaws manage to sneak in the win and become number one contenders for the tag titles.

Winner: The New Age Outlaws

Match rating 2 out of 5

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