WWE News: Is Jack Swagger Leaving?


Is Jack Swagger Leaving WWE?

Let’s be honest about this, there are many WWE superstars who have lost a tremendous amount of momentum in the past few years like The Miz or Dolph Ziggler. But there can arguably no one who has lost more momentum that former World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger. Since he parted with Zeb Colter last summer, what has he exactly done that can stand out. Before that, what has he exactly done which is memorable? It’s being six years since he captured the World Heavyweight Championship, and since he lost it at Fatal-4-Way 2010 to Rey Mysterio he has slowly dwindled further and further down the roster. One would think he had seriously upset within the WWE Creative or Management Team.

But after eight years with the company on the main roster, Swagger recently caused a media stir when he tweeted a very cryptic message following a Live Event in Glasgow, Scotland as part of the European Tour. The tweet outlined;



It has nonetheless being reported by 411mania.com that the rumor of Swagger leaving is indeed false and he was merely referring to the final stage of the tour. Nonetheless, should Swagger be actually leaving the company then lets be honest no one could blame him because he has proven himself to be an exceptionally worthwhile and versatile talent on the WWE roster but is continually over-looked and buried. He ideally suits the position of upper mid-card enhancement talent, to help tone the style of rookies to become more versatile in the ring. This role isn’t a bad thing, it is most definitely a good thing because it establishes a level of trust in Swagger as a performer. He certainly deserves a lot better than the raw deal he is currently receiving in the WWE. Yeah, for a family man it is guaranteed money but surely it cannot be fulfilling his ambitions as a competitor to be wasted like this. Only time will tell if Swagger decides to call it a day with the WWE!

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