WWE News: John Cena talks Current Product & More!

John Cena talks Current Product & More!

He may still be on the sideline recovering from a shoulder injury, but following his appearance at WrestleMania 32 and an impending return seemingly on the horizon, former WWE World Heavyweight Champion recently took part in an interview with Rolling Stone, where he discussed various things WWE related including the genre in which the program is aimed at and his on-going rehab. Here are some of the highlights;

  • When asked about his thoughts on the current WWE Product, John revealed…

I’m a 38-year-old man. I’d much rather it be a program geared toward me, whether that’s TV-14 or sometimes even more graphic than that, which is what I like. For one thing, profanity brought fire out of people with personalities that backed the language. It’s very difficult to say, ‘Oh, you’re being poopy,’ especially when they’re meant to be fighting words. And now, if someone starts to bleed, the referee intervenes to stop the bleeding. But before, you’d just let it fly. Blood is one of the things that made fights cool. Like, you knew it had gotten serious. I understand why we don’t do it anymore. Vince has been a coach to me, a father figure, a boss and a friend, and his goal and my goal are the same: to make the company be as big as it can be. But, yeah, the blood is one thing I miss.

  • When asked about his current injury and rehab, John revealed…

It’s been two and a half months since the surgery and 107 rehab visits so far, and I’m already doing things they said would take nine months. I was antsy on Day Four. Being away from the product just makes me want it even more. Sure, OK, it’s very easy to get too caught up. And not to mention the blur between real and not. I mean, anyone who brings up the word ‘fake’ with me is truly ignorant of what we do. We entertain. We’re TV that develops right in front of you as it happens. People think we are who they see. That’s kind of true, but not. I mean, we’re as real as fake can get. Like, I’m Superman, but I’m not. Although a lot of people in the business don’t know when to turn the switch off, I do, and I’m John.

  • When asked the potential of him turning heel in the future, John revealed…

Look, your job as a superstar is to manipulate the audience and try to tell your story. I like the dynamic of the audience. Every single night it’s different. But what’s weird is that I’m a good guy because of all the kids and parents who like me, and a bad guy because I won’t turn heel, which actually makes me both good guy and bad guy in one person.

  • When asked about his father John Cena Sr, John revealed…

My dad is a showman who always thinks he needs to be on camera. These days he’s involved in independent wrestling, which, I mean, at the age of 70-plus, he can do whatever the f*** he wants. But there are moments I genuinely sit down with him and talk father to son…but I can’t ever, because then it becomes a conversation about wrestling…It’s tough, because you know how we talked earlier about the off switch? His is broken.

Whilst we have discussed the impact of John Cena turning heel previously, what he says certainly makes sense about being a heel because he is quintessentially the forerunner to the role that Roman Reigns is fulfilling at the moment. And, when looking at his points about an edgier product in the WWE. Whilst it could definitely be said that WWE could do with something slightly edgier to the product to make it more innovative, having blood appear time and time again, week after week is not the answer in all honesty because it reduces the impact of it. Having blood on the sporadic occasion is more effective, because it then adds something to the story.

What do you think about the points John Cena recently raised when talking to the Rolling Stone; did he make some valid points about characterisation and the product or is he completely off the mark. We’d love to know what you think!

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