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As we all know by now, The Undertaker was pulled from the recent WWE European Tour due to heavily circulated rumours of an impending retirement. But the latest report about The Undertaker has suggested otherwise. One early suggestion surrounded his long history with back problems which could be aggravated on a long flight. The other, well I couldn’t quite believe it when I read it.

It has now been suggested that The Undertaker didn’t make the European Tour due to “concerns” following the recent acts of terrorism in Brussels and France. Unfortunately, I cannot believe that I have just written that but there you go. If, and this is a big if, this is in actual fact true then this brings the credibility of The Undertaker into disrepute. As we’ve proven at times when terrorism occurs, we have to do our utmost to continue with day to day life as best we can. When two fellow WDD editors flew on 3 flights over 16 hours to a friends wedding, we didn’t even think about what had happened in Brussels or France.

For this very reason, I cannot buy into this reason. Now for the other one about health concerns…this seems like a very flippant reason given that he’d only competed in a Hell in a Cell match a couple of weeks earlier. If he was overly concerned about his health then surely he would have opposed to the style of match at WrestleMania 32.

Therefore this can only fuel rumours of an impending retirement. if The Undertaker wanted to go out on a high, then the defining moment of him untapping his hands and walking away from the ring is a vitally crucial moment. Only time will tell whether or not The Undertaker is done with the squared circle…

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