WWE News: Finn Balor on RAW…

Finn Balor on RAW

Finn Balor on RAW…

It has being a very turbulent couple of days within the wrestling world, but one of the most shocking outcomes from the last couple of days has seen Samoa Joe capture the NXT Championship at an NXT Live Event. This has begun fueling speculation that Balor is being primed for a debut on the main WWE roster as soon as WWE Payback or even as soon as RAW this Monday. The reason for the fueling of this speculation can be attributed towards a tweet by Balor, which lead to a very cryptic tweet from Kevin Owens;

Given the number of recent debuts from NXT on the main roster in the past few weeks, there is a possible concern that Balor could ultimately get lost in the shuffle as the WWE attempts to thicken out their roster with new superstars. But the character of Balor is very different and unique from anything else on the roster at the moment that should he be portrayed in the correct light by the WWE Creative Team, then he has the opportunity to excel and become a true contender on the main roster.

Fergal Devitt made his NXT debut in September 2014 under the persona of Finn Balor. After wrestling in the tag team ranks, he quickly rose to the top when he defeated Kevin Owens in July 2015 in Tokyo, Japan to become the NXT Champion for the first time and went onto hold the championship for an astonishing 292 days before losing it to Samoa Joe just this week. With the championship now in the capable hands of Samoa Joe, this paves the way for Balor to make his way up to the main roster and thrill the WWE Universe with his unique and dynamic style. Only time will tell should he be ultimately successful…

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