TNA Impact Wrestling Results 19th April 2016

TNA Impact:

TNA Impact Wrestling Results 19th April 2016

1. Maria defeated Gail Kim, Jade, Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne and Rebel in a Ladder Match to gain control of the Knockouts Division

Throughout much of the match, Maria is hiding behind the steps whilst everyone else went at it. For Maria, it is essentially a game of cat and mouse waiting the right opportunity to grab the moment. Ultimately, it is Maria who is successful in gaining the contract after she nails Sky with the kendo stock.

– Maria then celebrates her win in the ring with her husband Mike Bennett before we go to Drew Galloway. He says the message is received from Bobby Lashley loud and clear but at the end of the day, he is still standing tall. He then revealed that he will later call “The Dominator” out.

– Galloway is shown making his way to the ring selling the injury from the previous week and calls Lashley out for a fight but actually gets Rockstar Spud instead. Spud then speaks about how Jeff Hardy is on borrowed time and will tonight fall to Matt Hardy. Tyrus’ music then hits, and he mocks Galloway for his injury who goes onto say when he is cleared next week, he will beat his ass. Both men then agreed to a championship match next week  before Galloway is beaten down and taken out by Tyrus and Spud. 

2. X-Division Championship: Trevor Lee (c) vs. DJ Z vs. Eddie Edwards

A nice triple threat match here, which sees Lee retain the championship when Edwards is pushed off the top rope allowing Lee to nail him with a flying knee. Afterwards, Lee takes out DJ Z before Andrew Everett lands a 630 Senton on Edwards.

– Gregory Helms is shown bragging about the X-Division before enlisting Andrew Everett. Eric Young then reveals that he hates everyone in the building and how TNA sucks up to EC3, Jeff Hardy and Drew Galloway. He then reveals he will be taking the King of the Mountain ad leaving TNA, and will be taking Bram with him. Bram then pipes up revealing he isn’t going anywhere and he is sick of playing second fiddle and how the KOTM Championship will look better on a real man and how Young doesn’t have the balls to face him. Young then lays out Bram before cutting off a piece of his beard. 

– The couple known as “The Miracle were shown in the ring, and how they made EC3 lose everything. This causes EC3 to make his way to the ring, until Bennett reveals he will never face EC3 who responds by saying he will hunt him down everyday until he agrees to a fight before challenging him to a No Disqualification match next week. EC3 then reveals it will take a miracle for Bennett to beat him. 

3. Al Snow vs. Mahabali Shera

Snow is shown to eb slightly deranged at this point, getting irate with the fans before the match begins. The end comes when he nails Shera around the head with a foreign object which allows him to pick up the win.

– Eli Drake is shown in the production truck, talking about the introduction to his own talk show called Fact of Life which will be aired the following weeks. We then see Kim being dragged to the ring by Rosemary and Crazzy Steve before Money Inc make their way to the ring and agree to the demands of a tag title match. 

4. I Quit Match – Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy

In a match which has being done many times before, this one sees Spud get involved on behalf of Matt but is taken out by Jeff which then sees a vicious spot with a chair. The end of the match comes when it is declared a no-contest, with Matt being aided out of the arena.

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