WWE News: Latest on Titus O’Neil Return

Latest on Titus O’Neil Return

In what was a very bitter sweet moment on February 8th edition of RAW from Seattle, Washington where former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan ceremoniously retired due to an accumulation of injuries, a surprise suspension of a well regarded WWE Superstar immediately followed. Thaddeus Bullard, better known to the WWE Universe as Titus O’Neil was suspended for an absurd, shocking but completely understandable reason.

As Daniel and his wife Brie made their way through the sea of WWE Superstars, O’Neil “playfully” grabbed Vince McMahon in the middle of all of this. This lead to a slightly annoyed reaction from McMahon who furiously shoved him away. He was suspended the following day upon arrival at the SmackDown tapings.

Kurt Angle recently revealed that Vince McMahon is a fan of pranks and playfulness but rightfully so, there is a time and a place. This wasn’t it. Arguably an attempt to get McMahon to break character is a big no no and he was ultimately punished as such.

However his 60 days suspension is nearly over and it has emerged thathe is scheduled to be on the road again from next week. He will not be on the ongoing European tour which will obviously be a blow. But it remains to be seen how he is treated upon his return. He wasn’t a massive player beforehand in all honesty, but this could potentially see him fair even worse.

I suppose there is nothing like a but of justice the Vince McMahon way. Lesson learnt!

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