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Kurt Angle Talks WWE & More

Former WWE and TNA superstar, multi-time World Champion Kurt Angle recently took to his Facebook page in a Q&A session with the fans which provoked a massive response with Kurt receiving an endless stream of questions. But ultimately, there were some burning questions which fans wanted to ask the Olympic Hero and here are some of the highlights which can be taken from it;

When asked about his favourite country to wrestle in, his response was;

I love wrestling in the UK and Scotland. Great fans. Japan and US are also great. Still so many places to go to. I’ve never been to South America to wrestle, that would be nice before I retire.

When asked a potential induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, his response was;

I don’t know. I don’t control what WWE does and doesn’t do. It would be an honor to be inducted, but I’m not expecting anything from anyone. I’m taking my break one day at a time.

When asked about Sting’s recent induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, his response was;

I think we all knew it would come eventually. I’m glad he was able to step into a WWE ring. He sealed his legacy as one of the very best ever!!!!

When asked about the weirdest road story or smallest venue he has competed in, his response was;

When Vince McMahon kept trying to wrestle me on a chartered plane. 4 hours of pure hell. He wouldn’t stop. All I wanted to do is sleep. Vince never sleeps. Lol

When asked about his favourite match which he had lost, his response was;

WrestleMania 20 with Eddie. He was so talented, but Eddie always seemed to get over on me.

Kurt Angle made his WWE Debut at Survivor Series 1999, and quickly rose to the top as one of the most gifted technicians in recent memory, having fantastic matches with near enough anyone. It was once said that Kurt Angle could have a good match with a broomstick – and they are most definitely right. He remained in the WWE for nearly 7 years, before his shocking departure in 2006. He soon re-emerged in TNA just a few short weeks later, and remained with the company for nearly 10 years before making his departure in January 2016 to take a sabbatical from the ring and have a long, well deserved rest.

Nonetheless, Kurt is nevertheless NOT retired in the slightest but merely taking an extended break from the squared circle which after 17 years is something he truly deserves. He has accomplished so much, but yet has so much to deliver whether it be in the WWE or TNA. The possibilities are endless and we here at Wrestling’s Dirty Deeds look forward to seeing where Kurt re-emerges from down the line.

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