TNA Impact Wrestling Results 12th April 2016


Impact Wrestling Results 12th April 2016

Kicking off the show is Matt Hardy, he is angry with his brother Jeff, demanding him to come to the ring. Jeff appears saying Matt is ruining the Hardy Boyz legacy. Matt tells Jeff he’s selfish and that he wants nothing more to do with him anymore. He doesn’t even see Jeff as a “Hardy” anymore. The two argue over who has the right to their last name. Matt wants a fight for it.

Beer Money come down to the ring issuing an open challenge for the TNA Tag Team Championships. The Decay have accepted their challenge, The BroMans and Young & Bram also accept.

TNA Tag Team Championship
Beer Money vs. The Decay vs. The BroMans vs. Eric Young and Bram

Beer Money won with the Last Call to retain the belts after James Storm pinned Eric Young. Problems arise between Eric Young and Bram, as Bram accidentally hit Eric Young in the match.

Winner: Beer Money

Next week on Impact we will see Matt vs Jeff Hardy, with the family name on the line. It is announced that Jeff wants a tag match tonight to decide which stipulation the match will take place in. If Matt’s team wins, he gets to have his “I Quit” match, but if Jeff’s side win, Jeff wants a Full Metal Mayhem bout.

Backstage Eddie Edwards is attacked. Maria comes out to the ring, taking credit for Jade’s recent title win, demanding a title shot. Jade comes out and tells her she should get ready for a fight. Gail comes out, proclaiming Maria isn’t willing to get her hands dirty. Marti, Rebel, Velvet Sky and Madison appear all keen for a title shot.

Billy Corgan appears to settle things. Maria tries to be nice to him, but he’s not buying it for second. Madison will get a shot against Jade tonight. A ladder match is announced for next week to settle things once and for all in the KO division. Madison and Jade begin brawling as Maria runs away.

Trevor Lee and Shane Helms appear and talk about Edwards’ getting attacked. Helms issues an open challenge to face Trevor Lee. DJZ comes out to answer it. He will get a title shot if he wins.

Trevor Lee vs. DJZ

DJZ wins a quick match with a roll up becoming the number one contender for the X Divison titles.  Helms tried to attack DJZ however Eddie Edwards attacks Helms instead.

Winner: DJZ

Mike Bennett vs. EC3

Mike Bennett and EC3 start fighting before their match has even started. Bennett won by disqualification after Carter went crazy with a steel chair. EC3 managed to make Bennett tap out, however Maria distracted the referee.

Winner: Mike Bennett

Snow comes out. He says sorry for what he did to Grado last week. He asks Shera to come out. Shera is furious with him and grabs him but Snow wants the opportunity to explain himself. Snow says he wants to give back to help new generation. He wants to make things up Shera and Grado. Shera accepts the apology but as he leave Snow sneak attacks him and smacks him off of the steel steps as the crowd jeer.

Tyrus threatens Drew backstage and says he can cash in whenever he wants. Snow trashes Grado and says he’s proud of his attack on Shera suggesting he is offended by being having to apologise.

Jade vs. Madison Rayne

Jade won with the running dropkick and the STO.

Winner: Jade

Next week on Impact Trevor Lee will defend his belt against both DJZ and Eddie Edwards.

Drew Galloway and Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy and Tyrus

Reby interfered in the match by handing Matt a hammer. Matt then hit the twist of fate for the win. As a result Matt gets his “I quit” match. Afterwards, Lashley appeared and speared Drew three times, the last time sending him into the steel steps. Lashley grabbed the title and raised it above his head to close out this week’s show.

Winner: Matt Hardy and Tyrus

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