Why WrestleMania 32 Won’t Be As Bad As Most Think

WrestleMania has been defined by the moments, feelings and emotion displayed by those fighting in the ring. Every year we wait for a WrestleMania moment. Something which has us talking decades after it originally happened. More importantly how these WrestleMania moments have in fact help shape the memory of somewhat dismal events. We take a look at why WrestleMania 32 may not be as bad you first feared.

WrestleMania 32 in the eyes of some fans has already been written off from being great. Yes the card thus far is nowhere in the league of WrestleMania 17 or 24 however just because the main event isn’t exactly what fans want doesn’t mean it will be a bad WrestleMania.

As some of our Old School WrestleMania reviews have shown so far there have been a real mixed bag of events. The early Manias didn’t really showcase any decent matches. WrestleMania 2 is shocking on many levels and lets not start about Wrestlemania 9 where the only good match ended in a DQ…

WrestleMania 3 lives in memory for two main reasons. The first being the ground shaking body slam to Andre The Giant and Steamboat vs Savage. If it wasn’t for these two moments WrestleMania as a brand wouldn’t be where it is today.

WrestleMania 13 is terrible on so many levels. Sure it has passable moments but trust me and try and watch it all theneay through. The events saving grace is how Stone Cold Steve Austin defiantly fought against a raging Bret Hart. The bloody sight of Austin passing out defined not only Austin as a superstar but turned the whole event around.

So why are so many fans fearing WrestleMania 32 will be so bad? Because the main event is Triple H vs Roman Reigns? Because so many key stars are injured? Yes they are legitimate reasons but this doesn’t mean it will be a bad Mania.

We have the luxury of seeing the insane Dean Ambrose take on Brock Lesnar in a street fight. I guarantee this match will steal the show and keep you talking for years to come. If anything needs to keep you up all night this is the match.

Shane McMahon vs Undertaker will see some high bumps, of course nowhere in the heights of what Shane has done before. It will make you talk that is for certain.

Given the injury gap in stars, WWE finally has a chance to give everyone on the roster the time to define themselves. So many stars have been created at Mania; Austin, Michaels, Cena, Lesnar, Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins last year. We should be excited to see who takes the leap into the limelight.

Of course we don’t have the super main events we have been used to over the past 5 years. However change is good for the future of the company. The fact the main event is Reigns vs HHH will be forgotten on the Monday. Give Mania a chance don’t write it off before it happens and be honest don’t have any expectations. You might even be surprised.

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