WWE List: 6 Defining Undertaker Hell in a Cell Moments

Hell In A Cell is symbolic with two wrestlers; Triple H and Undertaker who between them have competed in a massive 13 out of 32 Hell In A Cell matches. At WrestleMania 32, The Undertaker will compete in his third HIAC match at the Grandest Stage of them all against Shane McMahon. Today we look back at Undertakers finest moments inside the hellish structure. For the record WrestleMania 15 will be forgotten…

As God As My Witness He Has Broken in Half.

In the words of Mick Foley, topping the first Hell In A Cell match would be a massive ask. In actual fact Mick thought Taker vs Mankind at King Of The Ring would be the proverbial trots. Following a discussion with Terry Funk, Foley proposed the idea that Undertaker throws Mankind off the top. Taker didn’t like the idea however went ahead with it.

Foley came to the ring first with a steel chair in his hand. A slow descent to the top of the cage set the tone of the match. Undertaker followed, a couple of chair shots later and a cage panel coming loose, Undertaker began to fight back. Ever closer to the edge of the cage….  “Good God almighty… he’s broken in half”.

Foley was sent crashing 16 feet onto the Spanish announce table in a moment that defined the Attitude Era and raised the bar high. To top this insane moment, Foley got back up, not to his feet but the Hell In A Cell structure. The crazy SOB got chokeslammed through the cage causing multiple concussions and broken bones. In la la land, Foley continued, even remember where a bag of thumb tacks were under the ring. This is one of those insane moments that set the standard, raised the bar far too high but helped WWE shift the momentum into their favour in the Monday Night War.

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