WWE News: Sting, Terry Funk and more!


Various WWE News on Sting, Terry Funk and more!

1. Sting Injury Update

THE Icon Sting’s health has being of much speculation since his match with Seth Rollins at Night of Champions last September, with the latest being a heavily debated retirement due the culmination of injuries sustained. However, ahead of his well-earned WWE Hall of Fame Induction at WrestleMania he has recently revealed in an interview with WWE.com that things might have being blown slightly out of proportion. When asked specifically about his injury (rumored to be cervical spinal stenosis), he replied;

I actually did not have surgery. Two neurologists [Dr. Joseph Maroon and one in Houston] were saying the same thing. The side effects you’re supposed to have, I’m not really having any. I’m feeling good [and] completely normal

Sting, WWE.com

This obviously adds fuel to the fire, because there is certainly no real clarity on the situation with Sting ahead of his Hall of Fame Induction. Whether or not he retires remains to be a mystery.This editor really does not want this to be the case, he certainly deserves that final swan song and to sail off into the sunset. When ultimately asked whether we would see him perform inside the squared circle again, he replied;

…the only thing for sure about Sting is nothing’s for sure.

– Sting, WWE.com

 2. Terry Funk

In a return that could quite possibly no one could have seen coming, following the return of Mick Foley to give Dean Ambrose “barbie” the previous week on RAW…this week, the “Hardcore” Legend Terry Funk made a surprise on RAW handing over his infamous chainsaw to Dean ahead of his No Holds Barred Street Fight at WrestleMania 32 with Brock Lesnar. This certainly is adding more and more scope to the match at WrestleMania, and someone with the caliber of Terry Funk giving his endorsement to Ambrose can only means good things;

 3. Kurt Angle Latest

Following his departure from TNA earlier this year, the rumor mill has being a rife with what Kurt Angle will do next…will he ultimately return to TNA or will he bring an end to his 10-year absence from WWE and make a triumphant return. In a recent interview with Live Audio Wrestling, when asked about a return to the WWE he would ultimately reply;

I haven’t talked to TNA or WWE about doing anything in the future. I want to take this whole year off but I will start talking negotiations in the fall…I heard about Pittsburgh…I heard they were chanting we want Angle…I’m sure that was quite a surprise to WWE. I know that the fans wants me back…lot of people want me to finish there.

– Kurt Angle, LiveAudioWrestling.com

It could certainly be interesting to see whether Kurt does return to the WWE, because there are some really cracking matches which need to be told within the business. It may be to late to see him against Daniel Bryan but there is still the possibility of matches with Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins. But then there is still more that could be told within TNA, with opponents like Ethan Carter III or Rockstar Spud. This could quite possibly make Kurt Angle one of the hottest free agents available at the moment.

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