OSR: WCW Spring Stampede 2000 Review

Spring Stampede 2000

Next for WCW Month, we go back to the year 2000 just a mere 6 days into the relaunch of the company in an effort to make it a competitive opposition with the WWE once again. With all the championships vacated, several tournaments were in place to declare new champions in one night with two key stables being established…The New Blood and The Millionaire’s Club! I vividly remember the Nitro before this effort, with a vague recollection of those afterwards but I have never seen this event despite the VHS being sold in Toys “R” Us at the time. So, here I go with the next edition of the…

Old School Review: Spring Stampede 2000

The opening package begins with Vince Russo referring to Ric Flair by various different expletives before it then turns to Eric Bischoff turning his back on Hulk Hogan. A brief montage of various WCW superstars before we then see Eric Bischoff pacing around backstage fretting over Hogan being out of the hospital. We then go inside the United Center in Chicago, Illinois for the event, were we are joined by the commentators for the evening Scott Hudson, Tony Schiavone and Mark Madden. They discuss the various matches that will take place and how new champions will be crowned. They also emphasize how the referee rules have being relaxed slightly for tonight, and that these are going to be fights. We then go to the ring for the first match of the evening.

WCW Tag Team Championship Tournament Semi-final Handicap Match: The Mamalukes (w/ Disco Inferno) and The Harris Brothers vs. Team Package (w/ Elizabeth)

The Mamalukes and Team Package make their way to the ring first, before Vince Russo appears cutting another promo on Flair, before stacking the decks against Team Package by making it a handicap match and introducing The Harris Brothers. The match is a really quick pace, with Flair taking a lot of the dominance from The Mamalukes and Harris Brothers. Eventually Luger is back in the ring and taking control when he makes Johnny “The Bull” submit to his patent Torture Rack, to advance to the finals of the WCW Tag Team Championship tournament. The match isn’t bad, because everything happens so quickly but not anything to shout about or remember.

Winners: Team Package

Match Rating: 2.0 out of 5.0 Stars

Jimmy Hart vs. Mancow (w/ Al Roker Jr, Turd and The Freak)

Well, a brief history package is shown for the match but there isn’t really much to be expected to this match. To his credit though, Jimmy Hart gives it a bloody good effort to try and be credible. Eventually, Mancow is able to pick up the win following a chair shot to Jimmy Hart. After the match, Kidman makes his way out and attacks Hart, to seemingly send a direct message to Hogan. The match was better than I expected, but still not good.

Winner: Mancow

Match Rating: 1.5 out of 5.0 Stars

WCW United States Championship Quarterfinal Match: Scott Steiner vs. The Wall

Both men make their way to the ring, with the match getting underway and both men using a whole variety of power moves to dominate the other in the early moments. There isn’t really any unique to this match though, because it is essentially a big man contest where the styles don’t work with one another. The end comes when The Wall inadvertently chokeslams the referee through a table, causing the disqualification win for The Wall. Meh, not memorable at all.

Winner: Scott Steiner

Match Rating: 1.0 out of 5.0 Stars

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