OSR: WWE WrestleMania 15 Review (1999)

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OSR: WWE WrestleMania 15 Review

Back in 1999, the WWE rolled into “The City of Brotherly Love”, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Coming from the First Union Center with 20,276. This was the first WrestleMania since WWE had things going their way in the war with WCW. But this event marked the first incarnation of a Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania but also the first high profile encounter between Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. Relive the events of March 28 1999 in the WWE WrestleMania 15 Review.  

Before the history package was shown, Boys will be Men opened the show singing “America the Beautiful” which was spoiled by the firework display. The opening promo was narrated by Classy Freddie Blassic, which looked at various moments in WWE history. The focus was then shoved onto the principal feuds and matches on the event. The commentary team for WrestleMania 15 was Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler, as the show then got underway.

 1. WWE Hardcore Championship: Triple Threat Match – Billy Gunn (c) vs. Al Snow (w/ Head) vs. Hardcore Holly

Snow made his way to the ring first, and received an incredible reaction. He was soon followed by Holly who received a terrible reaction. Gunn then received a good reaction, before the match quickly got underway with limited weapons being used in the early moments.

The match was pretty basic, and quite tame some of the hardcore matches seen around this time. Eventually, Holly was able to pick up the win and captured the championship in what was a poor opening match.

Winner: Hardcore Holly, to capture the WWE Hardcore Championship

Match Rating: 1.0 out of 5.0 Stars

2. WWE Tag Team Championship: Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett (c) (w/ Debra) vs. D’Lo Brown and Test (w/ Ivory)

Both teams made their way to the ring, with D’Lo being in control of the action in the early moments. Owen was soon going at it with Test at a great pace, where Owen showed his athleticism. The match was sadly quite short and didn’t have the opportunity to be unique as it felt rushed.

Jarrett was able to pick up the win for his team and retained the titles after he pinned D’Lo. Afterwards, Brown and Test began fighting over what has happened, with made both Owen and Jeff made somewhat irrelevant. Sadly, this wasn’t one of Owen’s finest moments and sadly final WrestleMania.

Winners: Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett, to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship

Match Rating: 1.5 out of 5.0 Stars

3. Brawl for All: Butterbean vs. Bart Gunn

A brief history package wass shown for the match, before we returned to the arena as Howard Finkel introduced the officials for the match including Gorilla Monsoon who received a tremendous reaction what was his last WWE appearance.

Both competitors then made their way to the ring. This was pointless in rating this, because this was a wrestling show and a wrestling match (yes, with WWE I use that term loosely) is what we wanted, not a boxing match. But, nevertheless…RIP Gorilla!

Winner: Butterbean

Match Rating: This is a boxing match, no thank you!

4. Mankind vs. The Big Show

We were initially shown a clip from Heat, where The Big Show and Mankind brawled backstage, which was watched on by Stone Cold. We were then shown Mankind with Kevin Kelly before we returned to the arena as both men made their way to the ring.

The match was really intense, being very back and forth between both men. Mankind used a whole variety of moves to try and ground Show who looked quite good nevertheless (not a statement I thought I’d say).

The end of the match came when Mankind was choke slammed through two chairs by Show, causing the disqualification win for Mankind. After the match, an irate Vince McMahon made his way to the ring.

He berated Show over what had happened, which lead to Show knocking McMahon out. McMahon was then helped to the back by Patterson and Brisco, whilst Mankind was stretchered out of the arena. Vince was then seen backstage asking for the cops to deal with Show.

Winner: Mankind, via Disqualification

Match Rating: 3.0 out of 5.0 Stars

5. WWE Intercontinental Championship – Four Corners Elimination Match: Road Dogg (c) vs. Val Venis vs. Goldust (w/ Ryan Shamrock and The Blue Meanie) vs. Ken Shamrock

All the participants made their way to the ring, with both Dogg and Venis cutting typical promos that you would expect of them. The match got underway with various combinations between the participants in the early moments.

The first elimination occurred when both Venis and Shamrock are counted out of the match for brawling, which lead to Shamrock attacking Goldust and Dogg.

Eventually, Road Dogg was able to retain the championship after he pinned Goldust when he was inadvertently tripped up by Ryan Shamrock. This caused enough of a distraction for the win. Nothing match in all honesty, it was literally a complete washout.

Winner: Road  Dogg, to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Match Rating: 1.5 out of 5.0 Stars

6. Triple H vs. Kane (w/ Chyna)

A brief history package was shown for the match, which involved fire to the face before Kane was shown making his way to the ring before he was attacked by a chicken…yes, a chicken. The chicken was then revealed to be Pete Rose in disguise, who was soon enough nailed with a Tombstone.

Triple H then made his way into the ring from the crowd, and nailed Kane with a low blow. Triple H was dominant in the early moments of the match, but Kane soon regained control and used a variety of moves to take down Triple H.

After Triple H made a comeback again, Chyna made her way to the ring and eventually got involved turning her back on Kane. She nailed him with a chair and this allowed Triple H to ground him.

She then aligned herself with Triple H and DX once again. Really disappointing match considering some of their efforts over the years, could have achieved so much but didn’t achieve much in all honesty.

Winner: Kane, via Disqualification

Match Rating: 1.5 out of 5.0 Stars

Backstage, Kevin Kelly was seen deliberating over the referee situation for the main event, before he was interrupted by Vince McMahon who informed him that he will be the referee for the main event. We then returned to the arena for the next match of the evening.

7. WWE Women’s Championship: Sable (c) vs. Tori

Both women made their way to the ring, and the match quickly got underway, but from the outset it was a really timid and uninteresting Diva’s match. It was very basic and nothing really happened that made you want to watch it. Eventually, Sable picked up the win to retain the championship.

Winner: Sable, to retain the WWE Women’s Championship

Match Rating: 0.5 out of 5.0 Stars

8. WWE European Championship: Shane McMahon (c) (w/ Test) vs. X-Pac

Shane made his way to the ring with Test first, and was soon followed by X-Pac who was quickly attacked by Patterson and Brisco. X-Pac fought back, and then sprinted to the ring and the match quickly got underway.

Eventually, Shane became the dominant force in the match and used a variety of ways to remain in control which saw frequent interference from Test. Triple H then made his way to the ring and turned his back on X-Pac, which allowed Shane to pick up the win.

They continued to attack X-Pac after the match, despite rescue efforts from The New Age Outlaws. Eventually, Kane made his way to the ring and chased everyone out of the arena. Probably one of the best matches seen to this point, but this still wasn’t great.

Winner: Shane McMahon, to retain the WWE European Championship

Match Rating: 2.5 out of 5.0 Stars

9. Hell in a Cell: The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) vs. The Big Boss Man

A brief history package was shown, which depicted the feud between The Undertaker and Vince McMahon. The Boss Man became the henceman of The Corporation. The match got underway with both men having an opportunity to take control of the match.

The end of the match came when Taker was able to gain enough momentum to nail Boss Man with a Tombstone for the victory. Afterwards, members of The Ministry made their way to the top of the cell.

They provided the rope, which allowed The Undertaker to hang Boss Man from the cell as it was raised. Awful, awful match…this match did not justify the cell in the slightest. This has the possibility of being the worst Hell in a Cell match…ever!

Winner: The Undertaker

Match Rating: 0.5 out of 5.0 Stars

10. WWE Championship – No Disqualification: The Rock (c) vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Vince McMahon made his way to the ring first, seemingly to be the referee for the match. He was soon enough interrupted by Shawn Michaels who cut a promo on him and reminded him of the rule book before he told him to get out of the arena.

They both then left the ring, as The Rock then made his way to the ring. Austin then made his way to the ring and it quickly got underway. The match in itself was good and slightly entertaining, The Rock played the role of a heel fantastically well.

The characterization and pace of the match was well told, which made it enjoyable to watch. After several referee bumps and interference from Vince McMahon, Mankind made his way out and took out McMahon.

This allowed Stone Cold to regain the upper hand and pin The Rock to become victorious. In all honesty, it was the characterization shown throughout this match which made it enjoyable to watch.

Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin, to capture the WWE Championship

Match Rating: 3.0 out of 5.0 Stars

WWE WrestleMania 15 Conclusions

WrestleMania 15, out of the more modern WrestleMania events, was one that I have truly struggled to watch. It has not aged well in the slightest and showed a very different time within the WWE. The product was very edgy, but in terms of quality in the ring was exceptionally poor. Unfortunately, not a single match on the card which stood out prominently. There was nothing which stood out as memorable on the show, and therefore it can easily be forgotten or overlooked.

If anything, this event shows that Lucas’ theory of the attitude era being overrated is correct. WrestleMania 13, gets a bad rap but that show was considerably better than this. Based on that reason alone, I wouldn’t say watch this show…you’d honestly be wasting your time and you would be better watching a highlights show of the event. If for some bizarre reason you do want to see this event, you can of course do this as part of your 9.99 subscription fee to the WWE Network!

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