UK News: Mayor Boris Johnson Wants Wrestlemania in London

The fantastic world of Twitter leaves anyone to ask literally anything. London mayor, Boris Johnson recently did a question and answer session on Twitter. One wrestling fan ask the question that has been on the lips of every British and European fan. Will WrestleMania come to London? Boris response is, in typical Boris fashion is amazing.

Whether the charismatic Mr Johnson knew what WWE is or if he is confused thinking Big Daddy is still ruling the wrestling ring is left to be confirmed. To have a huge political backing, albeit, via a twitter Q&A session is a step in the right direction.

WWE’s top star John Cena for years has been vocal to UK fans and even on flagship shows Raw and Smackdown, that WrestleMania needs to come to London. Traditionally, WWE run’s two European wide tours a year; with Raw and Smackdown being taped in either London or another major English city. The exception to this, is the recent announcement that WWE are taking over the O2 Arena in London for a one off live show in September. Also, December saw the NXT brand tour the United Kingdom, with a live NXT Takeover event being held in Wembley Arena.

The reasons for why WWE have not held a Pay Per View event in the United Kingdom have been obvious for years. Tape delay would cost the wrestling giant millions with the age of spoiler eager fans taking to the internet as the show is recorded. With the success of NXT Takeover: London and the upcoming Network live special in September, WWE should surely be measuring the audience figures for these events on the Network. WrestleMania would begin to air on the east coast at 2pm in the afternoon rather than 7pm. Time shouldn’t be a factor anymore, given WWE can slot the show at anytime.

The last time WWE held a worldwide Pay Per View event in the UK was SummerSlam 1992, where the old Wembley stadium packed in over 82,000 fans. Making it the second most attended WWE event in history (until WrestleMania 23). With the growth of the company, WWE held 2 UK only PPV events a year until 2003.

Vince McMahon, I hope you are listening to Boris Johnson. He wants WrestleMania along with the millions of wrestling fans across Europe. Wembley stadium can easily house over 90 thousand fans it is a no brainer!

Image Credit: The Mirror

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