WWE List: Greatest WrestleMania Underdog Stories

Everyone loves a good WrestleMania story, especially when a wrestler overcomes the odds stacked against them. Over the years, we have seen plenty of Underdog stories, I am not talking about how Vince McMahon has made it difficult for Steve Austin to main event WrestleMania. This is more, the unlikely winners at Mania who struggled to even make the spot. Daniel Bryan being the key example. Below are the biggest WrestleMania Underdogs.

Two of the three WrestleMania 32 main events involve underdogs. Shane McMahon is very unlikely to defeat the Undertaker who has only lost once at Mania. Whilst the second main event involved Dean Ambrose challenging Brock Lesnar. Whilst Dean isn’t a typical underdog, he is facing Brock Lesnar who is a unstoppable beast. Dean Ambrose is more underdog than ever. Now to look at WrestleMania biggest underdogs

Randy Savage 1988

Towards the end of 1987, the WWF championship was held up in midst of huge controversy. First a twin referee miscounted Hulk Hogan losing the WWF Title, Andre The Giant sold his newly won championship to Ted DiBiase. As a result the title was proclaimed vacant and a new champion would be crowned at WrestleMania. Heading into the fourth annual event, all the focus was on Hulk Hogan regaining the championship. Alongside Andre, they were both placed into the second round. However the match ended up in a double DQ leaving both men eliminated. Cue, Randy Savage, a likeable charismatic wrestler who managed to overcome four wrestlers in one night to become WWF Champion.

Owen Hart 1994

The youngest Hart was always in the shadow of his brothers. When WWE wanted for Hart brothers to feud, they opted for Bret to face Smith Hart. Considering he hadn’t wrestler for two years Bret was relectant. Instead Bret wanted his younger Hart brother to shine. Following months of tension Owen finally snapped and attacked Bret. At WrestleMania X, in the event opener Bret and Owen Hart faced off in an absolute wrestling clinic. Owen managed to get the better hand of Bret and win the match. Bret later won back his WWE Championship from Yokozuna in the main event.

Rey Mysterio 2006

WWE’s most successful underdog, Rey Mysterio shocked the world by winning the 30 man Royal Rumble in honour of the late great Eddie Guerro. The 5 foot 3 man went to Wrestlemania to challenge Kurt Angle and Randy Orton to win the World Heavyweight title. Yes his win was in tribute to Eddie but the fact Rey won the big gold belt proved his legacy and impact that smaller wrestlers can have.

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