WWE News: Vince McMahon Quite Frankly Opens Up About Dirt Sheets

Love them or hate them but the Internet Dirt sheets like to mess with WWE creative. It is mainly their job to spoil what is likely to happen, reveal who is coming back and quite simply force WWE’s hand to change plans at the last-minute. Well Mr McMahon recently spoke out in an interview with Brian Fritz at the Orlando Sentinel Mr. McMahon opened up about why he doesn’t like dirt sheets, and what they do to negatively influence his product. Hate to say Vince has a good point.

“Nonetheless, it’s difficult to hold something like that but if you can, the audience loves it. It’s one of the reasons why I’ll always be anti-some members of the media, so-called dirt sheets or whatever it is. I’ve always disliked them. Not because of their voice and certainly not because of their opinion. No one respects the First Amendment more than me. Their opinions, negative or positive, they’re entitled to. I’ve always appreciated that because, quite frankly, some of the things I’ve learned from. I learn from everybody. It’s that they want to be a spoiler. No! No! Don’t spoil this. Don’t spoil it for the public. But I know that’s a part of their job too. It’s one of those things we try, with any form of the media now, we try no, no, no. Let me surprise you.

As a matter of fact, with Shane and a number of instances we’ve had, like Brock Lesnar when he first came back, we keep people on a bus in the parking lot. We won’t let our techs, we won’t let the talent, we won’t let anybody know until it’s time for them to walk out there. Shane was in a bus and he was not allowed to come out of the bus until Stephanie’s music hit and Stephanie had walked down the ramp. Shane comes out of the bus with security and goes right up to what we call Gorilla position and the guys there go, “I can’t believe it.” And all of the guys backstage, the vast majority of them, they didn’t see Shane when he walked through. They were all shocked and surprised.

That’s what I try to do: totally surprise our talent. They like to be surprised just like the audience. They like to be entertained so I like to entertain our talent as well. And the talent likes to be entertained or entertain themselves as we all do. It’s one great big entertainment wheel on all fronts.”

I couldn’t agree more; how many times have we found out that The Rock is backstage? Chris Jericho, or even Sami Zayn. It is so hard for WWE to pull out a big surprise or even allow the story to play out as planned. Fan’s know what is going to happen and then give their opinions online.

Let’s look at the Roman Reign’s story line. On the face of it, the authority trying to hold him back makes perfect sense. Triple H coming back and winning the title and then placing Reigns against his friend and The Beast makes a good storyline. However, the main event of WrestleMania was spoiled before the Royal Rumble. Triple H entering the match was also spoiled, so any shock or surprise to the fans was gone. Fan’s made up their minds negatively early on, so when the moment happened rather than it being a shock it was  bit of a let down. The fans effectively ruined the moment.

Despite writing for this site, I try to avoid spoilers where possible as I’d rather not read into the rumour mill too much. I miss being a fan without the knowledge and believing in the characters and the story development. When done right, wrestling is a fantastic story. We should all try to appreciate it more

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