WWE List: Shane McMahon Greatest Matches

Shane McMahon vs Kurt Angle

22nd February 2016 edition of Monday Night Raw will be marked as a game changing show. Following a near 7 year absence from WWE former WWE Executive Shane McMahon made his return to the ring. For longer term fans; the return of the Shane is a welcome one, his match with Undertaker inside Hell In A Cell has fans pumped and excited for WrestleMania. For the casual fans, who is Shane McMahon and why has this non-wrestler’s return caused such a stir? We look back at Shane McMahon greatest matches, some of them didn’t involve his feet leaving the ground.

Shane McMahon vs Test – Summerslam 1999

Shane’s first key match was against X-Pac at WrestleMania; however his match against Test at Summerslam 1999 showed how great Shane as a performer. Following his sister Stephanie falling in love Test, Shane didn’t approve. At Summerslam a Love Her or Leave Her match took place. If Test won, Shane would approve Test, whilst if Shane won, Test would leave Steph. Given the stipulations, both men stole the show in a huge brawl. Shane trademarked his signature elbow through the announce table giving life to the beautiful move Shane perfected over the years. Weapons were used throughout the match, however told enough of a story to justify their usage. Test defeated Shane, despite the Mean Street Posses interference. Shane manned up post match to approve Test of marrying his brother. If only he did the same for Triple H? Wait, he seduced Stephanie…

Shane McMahon vs Steve Blackman – Summerslam 2000

Why would Shane think it would be a good idea to capture the Hardcore title from Steve Blackman? He isn’t exactly a man you want to mess with. Well Shane did this just before Summerslam and decided to use his get out of jail free card by freezing the 24/7 ruling. However at SummerSlam, Shane well found out why Blackman is WWE’s finest martial artist. Utilising his Kendo Stick, Shane ran away, instead of anywhere logical Shane thought it would be clever to climb the SummerSlam titantron. So Blackman followed with his Kendo stick, 30 feet in the air, Steve used his Kendo stick onto Shane’s back. Unable to hold on tight, Shane dropped to the floor in a true OMG moment. Blackman decided to climb back down and deliver a flying elbow to capture back his Hardcore title.

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Shane McMahon vs Vince McMahon – WrestleMania X7

With the match originally pitched to be Mick Foley facing Mr McMahon, WWE opted to have Shane help prevent his fathers crazy run in treating his wife Linda awfully. The added value of Shane McMahon being revealed as the new owner of WCW made this match at WrestleMania brilliant.

Weapons were a staple of the match, with kendo sticks, chairs and trash cans a plenty. Linda McMahons sudden return from sedation shook the Astrodome as she plow her husbands family jewels. For Shane, he opted to make a WresteMania moment taking inspiration from Rob Van Dam. With his father secure with a trash can in one corner, Shane went coast to coast from the other side of the ring to deliver a beautiful jumping drop kick to finish his father for the 3 count.

Shane McMahon vs Big Show – Backlash 2001

Here is an interesting fact, The Big Show has never defeated Shane McMahon one on one. Their third match took place at Backlash 2001. In a bid to destroy his own son, Vince set a last man standing match between Shane and The Big Show. Shane’s guts and determination of never dying never was truer at Backlash. Vince came down to help The Big Show, only for Test to come down to help Shane. Once again, Shane opted to go airborne in a beautiful elbow drop off the top of the Backlash entrance set. A cracking Last Man Standing with Shane once again delivering an insane bump.

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