Old School Review: Slamboree 1993

We go to Missy Hyatt talking to The Assassin and Mag Dog Vachon, who doesn’t make a lot of sense but wishes he was in the ring. The Assassin then issues an open challenge to Dusty Rhodes, to truly settle their longstanding feud once and for all.

Ivan Koloff and Baron von Raschke vs. Thunderbolt Patterson and Brad Armstrong

Ivan and Baron make their way to the ring first, followed by Patterson without his scheduled partner Bob Armstrong who is injured. Whilst he says he will do the match himself, but Brad Armstrong makes his way to the ring who says he will team with Patterson. The match then quickly gets underway, with Armstrong and Patterson in control. Baron looks very much like an old man in a pair of tights, Anyhow, after a few minutes of timid and slow action Patterson is able to pick up the win when he pins Baron. Easily the most forgettable match of the night.

Winner: Thunderbolt Patterson and Brad Armstrong

Match Rating: 0.5 out of 5.0 Stars

We then go to a segment of Flair for the Gold, who is proclaiming a reunion of the original Four Horsemen. He then gradually introduces each of the Horsemen, with Arn Anderson coming out first ahead of his championship match. Flair then says that Tully Blanchard won’t be there tonight, but he goes onto introduce Ole Anderson and Paul Roma before the segment ends. We then go back to Tony Schiavone and Larry Zbysko who are joined by Johnny Valentine. We then head back up to the ring for the next match.

Dory Funk Jr (w/ Gene Kiniski) vs. Nick Bockwinkel (w/ Verne Gagne)

Dory makes his way to the ring first with Kiniski, in a match match proclaimed to be AWA versus NWA contest. Bockwinkel then makes his way to the ring with with Verne, and the match begins with them locking up as it is revealed to be Bockwinkel’s first match in many years. The match, whilst slightly slow is very scientific and superbly contested. This is a cracking wrestling contest, very traditional with most of the match seemingly them “warming” up. The match picks up slightly in the last couple of minutes as they attempt to decide a winner, but ultimately they go to a 15-minute time limit draw. Utterly amazing match between the two, they could have gone an hour it was that good. It really needed longer, that is the only downfall with it.

Winner: No-Contest

Match Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 Stars

We go to Eric Bischoff who is joined by Lou Thesz and Bob Geigel, who talk about what happened in the last match with Blanchard and Funk, but also how good it was before we go back to the ring for the next match of the evening.

Rick Rude and Paul Orndorff vs. Dustin Rhodes and Kensuki Sasaki

Rude and Orndorff make their way to the ring first, where Rude cuts a promo on the locals in attendance. Rhodes and Sasaki then make their way to the ring, The match gets underway, with various tags in and out of the match. The match is actually quite good, but it could have benefited tremendously from more time. Nevertheless, it is still a good match. Anyhow, Rude and Orndorff pick up the win, after Rude pins Sasaki following a Rude Awakening much to the outrage of Rhodes.

Winner: Rick Rude and Paul Orndorff

Match Rating: 2.5 out of 5.0 Stars

We go to Tony Schiavone and Larry Zbysko who introduces Gordon Solie for the WCW Hall of Fame ceremony. A moment is then had for recently passed legends, before the first inductee Lou Thesz is introduced. The second entrant, Verne Gagne is then introduced with a brief recollection of his career by Solie. Mr Wrestling II is then introduced to the crowd as the third entrant, a man who has never shown his face. The fourth entrant is posthumous, Eddie Graham who is represented by his son Mike Graham. We then go back to Missy Hyatt, who is joined by John Tolos and James Blears. We then go back to the ring for the next match of the evening.

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